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Toni Gonzaga opens up about dealing with son Seve's fame

Will Toni Gonzaga allow her son Seve to join showbiz?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

7/13/2021 in News
Toni Gonzaga opens up about dealing with son Seve's fame

When Toni Gonzaga first thought of her and Paul Soriano’s son Seve entering showbiz, she got scared.

For someone who has been in the industry for 20 years now, she has experienced all the kinds of trials and heartbreaks you could expect from it, and she didn’t like the idea of her own son going through them as well.

“I used to fear that he would follow my footsteps or he would want to go this path na I went through,” she admitted in an interview with “Pinoy Big Brother” alum Wil Dasovich.

But then she realized, as a parent, she should support whatever Seve decides to be, because that’s her own parents did for her when she told she wanted to become an actress and a singer.

“I feel like the purpose of being a parent is just to be there for your kid, love them unconditionally and support them in whatever it is what they wanna do in life, because that’s what our parents did for us,” she shared.

Toni added, “So I’m not here to tell him what not to do. I’m here to support him. I can’t him tell, ‘Don’t do this, don’t do that!’ You can be whoever you want to be in this world.”

Seve is barely five years old and his dreams and aspirations change from time to time as he discovers more things.

“Right now, he wants to be a car racer, so andun kami sa stage na ‘yun. Last year, he wants to be a pilot,” the “I Feel U” host revealed. “Nung pandemic, gusto niya yata maging stuntman kasi talon siya nang talon kung saan-saan, so support lang ako… [Kids] will have their own passion in life.”

It can’t be denied that the public loves seeing Seve on screen. He has done multiple TV commercials, print ads, magazine spreads, and every time he appears on his aunt Alex Gonzaga’s vlog, it goes viral. At his age, however, Toni thinks he still doesn’t realize that he’s famous or even that both his parents are.

“I don’t think Seve has a concept already what being famous means. Hindi niya alam if he’s famous. We don’t let him know na your mom is an actress or a host and your dad is a director. He just knows na we have our jobs. Somehow, meron na siyang konting concept na napapanood niya ‘ko sa TV,” she explained.

What Toni and Paul make sure Seve never forgets are his values and principles. “We’re focusing more on character development and the values we are instilling on him, more than focusing on the fame. That’s fleeting, that’s superficial,” said Toni.

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