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8 intimate celebrity weddings to get inspiration from

These celebrity couples chose to keep their ceremony low-key and private ❤️

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

7/13/2021 in News
8 intimate celebrity weddings to get inspiration from

Over the years, we’ve witnessed grand celebrity weddings that made headlines with all their lavish settings, long, high-profile guest lists, and stunning receptions. But there were also intimate ones that surprised us with how low-key they could get, with only a simple, classic setup and a few guests.

If you feel like you suit the latter more, we rounded up some of the most memorable intimate celebrity weddings that you can take inspiration from for your future wedding:

Alex Gonzaga and Mikee Morada



Alex and Mikee have been married since November 2020 through a civil ceremony that took place at the Gonzagas' residence in Taytay. The event only happened at the living area of their house where there was a beautiful set-up, and the bride and groom donned a simple puff-sleeved dress and barong.

Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli



A post shared by Matteo Guidicelli (@matteog)


The couple’s clandestine wedding that happened in February 2020 was so low-key and intimate, that no other photos from the event were released except for what Matteo uploaded on his Instagram. And as seen in the photo, the two opted to dress simply for the event, with Matteo in a long-sleeved polo and Sarah wearing a neutral-colored top.

Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano



If you’re opting to hold a wedding in the open air, Jessy and Luis’ intimate garden wedding can be your inspo. They only had some wooden chairs for the guests and a gorgeous floral setup that served as the statement.

Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez



A sudden change of plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic made Sarah and Richard go with an intimate ceremony instead. The wedding only took place in an events room, with only their family members as guests.

KZ Tandingan and TJ Monterde



A post shared by KZ (@kztandingan)


KZ and TJ’s intimate wedding only had a number of their friends and godparents as guests, with their parents only attending via Zoom. The event took place in a garden under a 100-year-old mango tree, making the ceremony as memorable as it could be.

DJ Mo Twister and Angelicopter



A post shared by Mo Twister (@djmotwister)


If you have a very limited budget for your wedding, you can always choose to hold it without having to invite some guests. Just the two of you in your dream wedding place is already enough!

Sam Pinto and Anthony Semerad



Sam and Anthony made sure to make their wedding really intimate with only four guests in attendance! They just went for a floral arch overlooking the sunset on Manila Bay that makes the whole setup twice as beautiful.

Dionne Monsanto and Ryan Stalder



Apart from keeping your guest list small, a tip we learned from Dionne during her wedding is to thrift your wedding dress! If you have a limited budget, a fashionable thrifted top and skirt paired together can make a great wedding dress. Plus, the memories you made with your partner and loved ones are what truly matters after all.

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