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‘He’s Into Her’ Ep. 7: Confessions

The Max (Belle Mariano) and Deib (Donny Pangilinan) ship has officially sailed!

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Star Cinema Admin

7/12/2021 in News
‘He’s Into Her’ Ep. 7: Confessions

So many ships sailed on the seventh episode of "He's Into Her"!

Deib (Donny Pangilinan) gathers their friends and some other students to get to the root of the attack on Max (Belle Mariano).

Elle (Melizza Jimenez) confronts Aimee (Sophie Reyes) in the girls’ room, asking about what she did to Max. Aimee reasons out that it’s the price Max had to pay for pissing her off. Little do they know, Ysay (Vivoree) is eavesdropping from one of the cubicles.

Max receives a text from her loved ones back home to ask how she’s doing after the incident. They then drop the news on Max that her “RJ” is back in the country and he’s looking for her.

Deib arrives at the hospital with all of Max’s favorites things. On his way in, he bumps into his rival Randall (Jeremiah Lisbo), who’s also at the hospital to visit his girlfriend. But Deib ends up disappointed as he’s informed that Max has already been discharged.

Tob (Rhys Miguel) asks Michiko (Kaori Oinuma) if he could court her and adds that he’s willing to wait until she’s ready.

Elle gets welcomed to join Max and her friends, but Ysay, having heard Elle and Aimee’s conversation, visibly feels uncomfortable about it, but she doesn’t say anything.

Max joins Deib for lunch to reconcile, but instead of working on their friendship, he tells her that he wants to be more than just friends. Unlike the last time he confessed, Max takes it with an easy heart.

Max thinks her dad (Richard Quan) may not like it, but Deib says he’s up for the challenge and he’s ready to give her the best version of himself. Max holds his hand and tells him she would rather see his true self.

Deib then takes Max to the hospital to visit his brother Dale (Turs Daza), who’s in a comatose state, and introduces her as the person who’s been making him happy.

It’s revealed that Dale got shot by carnappers when he picked up Deib from a bar after getting cheated on by Kim (Dalia Verde). Their mom (Ana Abad Santos) demanded answers from Deib, but he couldn’t giver her any because he couldn’t remember anything from being drunk.

Elle gets more and more anxious about her involvement on what happened to Max and their dad lets them know that they’re closer to identifying the person behind the assault as CCTV tapes are now under review.

Benison High gets shaken up with the surprise return of Kim, who doesn’t waste time to let Max know how she feels about her and more importantly, how she feels about Deib.

Looks like eighth episode of “He’s Into Her” is going to be an explosive one! Catch it this Sunday, July 18, on A2Z, Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and TFC! Or you can also watch it first for FREE this Friday, July 16, on iWant TFC!

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