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‘He’s Into Her’ Ep. 2: A sip of vengeance

Max (Belle Mariano) becomes the newest target of Alpha 3’s Project: Blocked!

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6/7/2021 in News
‘He’s Into Her’ Ep. 2: A sip of vengeance

“Nag-kiss sila!”

The world stops as students around Max (Belle Mariano) and Deib (Donny Pangilinan) watch them “kiss”.

Of course, all of Benison go into an online frenzy over Max and Deib’s latest encounter, which people dubbed as #LipLocker.

Naih (Criza Taa) teases that Max and Deib are a new love team, an idea that does not sit well with Max. Migz (Limer Veloso) blurts out that it’s better to be romantically linked to Deib than to be called a “feelingera.”

Max stops her friends and says, “Hindi kami nag-kiss, may papel na nakaharang.”

Meanwhile, in the boys’ corner, Lee (Joao Constancia) playfully asks Deib if he felt the once-in-the-lifetime lightning kind of love he was talking about in class earlier when he kissed Max.

“It was nothing. I felt nothing,” Deib replies.

But it isn’t “nothing” for everyone else. As Tobi (Rhys Miguel) informs them, “All the girls and gays are mad and jealous of Max.”

Lorde (Gello Marquez) then brings up a thing the group did in the past: the “Project: Blocked” or a grand plan of pranks to take a student they don’t like out of Benison.

“Taguro” is the code name they come up with for Max, after an antagonist from the classic anime series “Ghost Fighter”.

Deib insists again that he feels nothing else but dislike for the new girl. “Nothing but revenge. I’m only interested in giving her hell and getting some amusement out of it. This is gonna be fun.”

Naih, Migz, and Michiko (Kaori Oinuma) take Max to The Barb — the official hotspot of Benison students. Their plan to hang out and gossip, however, turns entirely different as Max ends up getting a job from the restaurant.

Max notices that her three friends seem appalled by her decision, so she explains, “Kebs. Kailangan ko ng dagdag pera para kay Lola, para sa pagpapagamot niya. At kailangan ko siyang dalhin sa Japan. Hindi naman ako tulad ng ibang taga-Benison. Hindi naman ako mayaman. Ngayon, kung nahihiya kayo magkaroon ng kaibigan na pureza tulad ko…”

Back in Benison, Deib and his basketball team are preparing to train. But before they could start, Lorde comes up to Deib and shows him an interview of Randall Echavez (Jeremiah Lisbo) from their rival school Southbay.

Deib watches it and sees how sure Randall looked when he says, “Walang kaba, because we’re ready to win. Kahit sino pang kalaban namin sa finals. We will win Interhigh.”

This infuriates Deib and pushes his team harder.

Later, Deib comes home to no one but their helper. She lets him know that his dad’s flight home got delayed, while his mom (Ana Abad Santos) is working extra hours at the hospital.

He then decides to go to the hospital and bring his mom food. He finds her by his older brother (Turs Daza), who is confined in a “vegitative state”.

Deib enters the room and asks his mom to have supper with him, but he only gets rejected. She walks out, telling him she has work to do, not even bothering to look him in the eye.

Disappointed, Deib moves closer to his brother. He then receives a call from a man, whom Deib tells to hurry and make sure he gets his money’s worth. “I’ll make sure these *ssholes pay for what they did to my brother,” says Deib.

Before going to bed, Deib watches a video of his #LipLocker moment with Max. Then he finds himself on the court for training, but his teammates are nowhere to be found.

However, he’s not alone. Max, now in full Benison uniform, stands in the middle of the room with a ball in hand.

As he walks up to her, Max says, “Kung makatitig parang gusto mo ulit akong halikan.”

“Gusto mo bang halikan kita ulit?” he dares.

Max gives him a look and replies, “‘Pag hinalikan mo ‘ko ulit, tayo na.”

Deib steps forward. “I don’t even like you.”

“Magugustuhan mo ‘ko,” Max tells him with nothing but confidence. “Mamahalin mo ‘ko.”

Deib repeats Max’s own words to her about him not having a heart. But she tells him, “May puso ka. Ayan, oh.” Then places a hand on his chest. “Nagmamahal kahit nasasaktan.”

He grabs her. “Eh, ikaw? Mamahalin mo ba ‘ko?”

Deib inches closer to Max and just when their lips are about to touch, Kim (Dalia Varde) appears.

“How you could be in love with her? Have you lost your mind?!” she exclaims.

Deib turns to Max and Max says, “Ang tanga mo!” then she gives Deib another punch. Deib wakes up and realizes it’s nothing but a puzzling dream.

In school, Project: Blocked officially commences. A handful of students show up for the meeting to dissect who Max is.

When they fail to find any dirt on her or any information from her social media accounts, Deib tells everyone to dig deeper and find out where she is from.

When her family gets brought up, Elle butts in with, “She’s trash. let’s show her exactly what she is.”

The next day, they find Max asleep in the library and the guys see this as a chance to punish her further. Lorde drops a piece of gum on Max’s hair, but when she wakes up and finds out what they’ve done, she only glares at them, takes a pair of scissors, and cuts a chunk of her hair like it’s nothing.

Over lunch, the Alpha 3 announces that they won a game. So to thank the students who cheered for them in the last game, they give out free milk tea for everyone.

A student hands Max her milk tea and she refuses it at first, but as the student insists, she finally takes it.

Max takes a sip. Little does she know that her drink is laced with laxative. She quickly starts to feel its effect. Her stomach starts to grumble and loud. Everyone around her burst out laughing as she runs for the restroom.

Outside, Max’s friends wait her for, while the Alpha 3 take the other end of the hallway. Tobi inquires something about Michiko, but when Deib asks if he likes her, Tobi says no.

At work, Max takes a P10,000 worth of milk tea orders. She delivers it to a location, which turns out to be a fake address. Her face drops as soon as she realizes she has been pranked again.

Deib takes her phone and nervously calls her boss, Madam Bard (Milo Elmido, Jr.). He gets angry at Max and threatens to take it out of her salary.

Max takes her bike to a parking lot and lets out her anger by throwing every cup of milk tea she was left with.

Where did she throw it to? Find out on the third episode of “He’s Into Her” this Sunday, June 13, on A2Z, Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and TFC! Or you can also watch it first for FREE this Friday, June 11, on iWant TFC!

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