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From moms to millennials, here are 5 home care products you absolutely need to have

Cordless vacuum, water spray mop + more products you didn’t know your house absolutely needs!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

6/5/2021 in News
From moms to millennials, here are 5 home care products you absolutely need to have

Now that most of us stay at home 24/7, our full attention is now on our homes given that it is the only space where we can "roam." We now notice things we didn't pay attention to at all before, and we make sure that we're living our most comfortable life in our safe haven.

And while you think you already have it all in your home, these products below will help you reassess your needs with the convenience they give:

Cordless vacuum

Cordless vacuums are something that you think you do not need but you actually do. They're efficient, they're hassle-free, and they're, well, cordless, so you don't have to worry about wires getting in your way while cleaning. Make sure you check the vacuum's specifications first and look for ones that have powerful suction and large battery capacity so it can cover cleaning the whole house.

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Multipurpose cleaner

A multipurpose cleaner is a must for every household being the versatile cleaning agent that it is. You can use it practically everywhere — kitchen counters, tiles, sinks, and other surfaces that need thorough cleaning. There are a whole lot of trusted brands that you can buy that ensure both sanitization and safety for your home.

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Water Spray Mop

Pair your multipurpose cleaner with a water spray mop for optimum cleaning results. Just simply put the cleaning agent diluted in water in the tank, and voila! You can spray and mop the whole house easily. Try to get one that is lightweight, equipped with a wide spray feature, and a 360 mop pole for easier cleaning.

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Toilet Cleaner

Stains and dirt in bathrooms are more stubborn than any other areas in the house, that's why there are specific products made for these areas. An ultra-thick bleach toilet cleaner is especially made to kill the germs and other antibacterial properties in toilets while keeping them squeaky clean.

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Purifying Humidifier

Rainy days are here and a humidifier in rooms would be a great addition to put moisture in the air. If you’re a regular air conditioner user, humidifiers are a must to avoid dry air within the room. There are several humidifiers now that also have a purifying feature to ensure cleanliness of air while keeping it moist.

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