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Makeup looks to cop from these Star Cinema movie characters

Which of these makeup looks would you be trying next? 🙂

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

6/4/2021 in News
Makeup looks to cop from these Star Cinema movie characters

Who says you can't wear makeup at home? Contrary to what others say, being at home is the best time to practice those looks you always wanted to try.

Whether it's a simple "no makeup" makeup look or those that are perfect for the office setup, you can always try and try until you nail them perfectly, just like how these Star Cinema movie characters did it on the big screen. We also threw in some tips on how you can achieve them using some products that will definitely change your makeup game:

Kathryn Bernardo from "The Hows of Us"

Kathryn's glow-up from a struggling med student to a successful corporate lady in "The Hows of Us" really made us admire her, along with her simple yet stunning makeup look! It's the perfect work makeup that looks presentable yet not overly done. Ultra matte lipsticks are your best finishing touch since they last longer than glossy ones.

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Liza Soberano from "Everyday I Love You"

Liza fulfilled her dreams of hosting and appearing on television in "Everyday I Love You," which means she had to work for long hours to finish every episode. What could be a better makeup choice than a lippie that lasts for over 16 hours? Yup, no retouch needed since it can last the whole shoot!

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Julia Barretto from "Vince and Kath and James"

We loved Julia's look throughout the movie, but it was her first date at the Hugot Cafe that we really took notice of how beautiful her simple look is. It's just the right amount of everything — from foundation to blush to lipstick — that makes it even more stunning. For a "no makeup" makeup look like Julia, make sure you use light pressed powder as your base for sheer coverage that lets your skin peek through.

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Arci Muñoz from "Always Be My Maybe"

If you love glamming up like Arci who is a vlogger in "Always Be My Maybe," you can never go wrong with popping blush on your cheeks so that it would still be visible on camera. We especially loved her wine-y blush that totally compliments her mestiza skin!

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