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6 gadget deals you need to watch out for

Now's the best time to purchase the gadgets you've been eyeing for so long!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

6/3/2021 in News
6 gadget deals you need to watch out for

We now live in an era where convenience and accessibility are such sacred things that we'd pay for literally anything that can help ease our lives on a daily basis.

While we can always purchase what we need any time of the year, nothing beats getting it on HUGE discounts — and the upcoming 6.6 sale on Lazada is the best time to do so! If you've been planning to buy a gadget for some time now, below are some deals you can avail that can help you save a lot:

Be it for online classes or work, you can never go wrong with having your own laptop that delivers performance without having to break the bank. If it will be your first time purchasing one, there are a whole lot of models that cost less than P20,000 yet very efficient for everyday use. You can also get more than P1,000 discount if you buy one this 6.6 sale!

Shop here.

Unlike the old days, mobile phones are more than just for sending and receiving messages and calls. From social media apps to mobile games, your phone should have high internal storage to accommodate it all. There are phones now that cost a little over P5,000 and already offer 64GB storage.

Make sure to equip your mobile phone with a shock-absorbing phone case that can protect it from scratches and falls.

Shop here for phones, and shop here for cases.

If you want to be productive while being on the go, there are lots of budget-friendly tablets now that are just as efficient as laptops. A tablet with a dual window feature is your best bet so you can multitask while in class or at work!

Shop here.

Gone are the days of the traditional wired earphones, and wireless earbuds are now the best ones to use due to their convenience and accessibility. Check for ones with the latest Bluetooth chip to ensure fewer delays once connected to your phone.

Shop here.

You won't know how convenient it is to have a Bluetooth speaker until you own one. Portable ones aren't just cute, but they're also very handy that you can literally bring them anywhere and blast your music everywhere you go. Try to pick speakers that are waterproof and dustproof for less maintenance.

Shop here.

Smart TVs are now the best picks when buying a TV since they support apps like Netflix, Youtube, and even Facebook where you can browse and watch on a bigger screen. And the best part? There are several smart TVs now that cost less than P10,000 with a quality that can compete with more expensive brands!

Shop here.

Browse more gadget deals here. What are you waiting for? Add to cart now!

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