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Catriona Gray, Olivia Rodrigo fangirl over each other

What Catriona Gray and Olivia Rodrigo think about playing sisters in a film

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/3/2021 in News
Catriona Gray, Olivia Rodrigo fangirl over each other

The day when two amazingly talented Filipinas like Catriona Gray and Olivia Rodrigo join forces is the day when the world would just stop.

It only seems like a dream then, but it very much sounds like a great possibility now that both ladies have expressed admiration for each other’s work.

In an interview posted by MYX VJ Ai dela Cruz, the “driver’s license” hitmaker gushed about Catriona’s music and beauty.

“She has such a beautiful voice! Sometimes I like listen to her songs and stuff,” said Olivia. “And I think she’s just obviously stunning, and such an incredible person. I love watching her.”

The 18-year-old also has gotten comments from people saying they look alike and she thinks, “[It’s] insane, because she’s the most beautiful person that I’ve ever seen. So every time people say that, I’m like, ‘Really? That’s crazy!’”

When suggested that they should appear in a film or a music video together as sisters, Olivia replied, “She could like my older sister or she could be an older Olivia. We could be the same person, [but] a couple years apart.”


The former Miss Universe has heard Olivia’s praises about her and she couldn’t help but feel flattered. “I was super fangirling. I was just so shocked that. It was super cool to see her talking about me and then she even mentioned my music pa,” she said in an interview on TV Patrol.

Catriona thought maybe they could do a duet of Olivia’s chart-topping “deja vu” when nudged by reporter MJ Felipe for a collaboration. “Me so kilig. We should do ‘deja vu’ together!”

The “R.Y.F” singer said she’d be happy to act alongside Olivia as well, “Mukhang older sister lang ako. Ako ‘yung older version niya na lang.”

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