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Maris Racal on relationship with Rico Blanco: ‘Biglaan na lang siyang nangyari’

Maris Racal says this classic song “best decribes” her relationship boyfriend Rico Blanco

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/28/2021 in News
Maris Racal on relationship with Rico Blanco: ‘Biglaan na lang siyang nangyari’

Maris Racal is only just starting to explore making music and thinks that she still has a lot more improving to do. But with her boyfriend Rico Blanco by her side, she believes she’s in good hands.

The actress revealed in an interview with Push that the former Rivermaya frontman helps her broaden her taste in music. He also guides her with the writing.

“Nung naka-work ko na siya, sobrang nag-iba talaga. Doon ko natutunan na may rules pala sa music writing. Hindi pala writing your heart out lang, may pattern pala na pina-follow, but at the same time, adding your taste and your kind of art to it,” she shared.

Maris has always seen herself working on her own music, but didn’t have the time since she was given more acting projects after her stint on “Pinoy Big Brother”.

As someone who’s been in the industry, and with multiple hits under his belt, Rico does not hesitate to give his thoughts on Maris’ works and she appreciates it.

She also told in the interview that she lets Rico listen to them and asks for his advice. One advice she got from him was putting a song on hold and choosing something more appropriate for her age, so that she and her fans would “grow” together. But another thing that the “Bloody Crayons” actress values about their partnership is that he never “oversteps.”

Maris recently released a song titled “Ate Sandali”, which was produced by Rico’s Balcony Entertainment. When asked if the romance between them helps with the creation of music, she answered, “Wala siya sa equation sa first part, eh. Biglaan na lang siyang nangyari. Parang hindi namin in-expect 'yon na mangyayari. Our collaboration was only for music lang and then may surprise na nangyari.”

Speaking more about their relationship, Maris spilled the things she likes most about him. “He is really a nice person. He is genuine and humble. I know that he is humble, pero hindi ko alam na ibang level pala ‘yung pagka-humble niya. Wala sa utak niya ‘yung status niya sa music industry.”

If there was a song that would perfectly sum up their relationship, it would be, “Puwedeng ano na lang, ‘Time After Time.’ Maganda kasi ‘yung song and siguro ‘yan ‘yung best song that can describe our relationship.”

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