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‘He’s Into Her’ Ep. 5: Trust issues

Just when Max (Belle Mariano) and Deib (Donny Pangilinan) were starting to get along, this happens!

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6/28/2021 in News
‘He’s Into Her’ Ep. 5: Trust issues

Aimee (Sophie Reyes) gets angry at Deib (Donny Pangilinan) for siding with Max (Belle Mariano) after their fight. Aimee reveals that the night he broke up with Kim (Dalia Verde), she was with him and they almost kissed. But Deib tells Aimee he doesn’t remember any of it.

Ysay (Vivoree) fangirls over TagSen — he ship name for Max and Deib. But unlike the last time Ysay spazzed at Deib, he calmly tells her off and tells everyone that since “Project: Blocked” is over and done, no one should call Max Taguro anymore.

Max and Deib get called to the Headmaster’s (Kuya Manzano) office. The two immediately assume they got in another trouble, but it’s just the opposite. The Headmaster congratulates them over the anti-bullying project and tells them that since it worked so well, they should work on another project together.

While exchanging texts later that night, it’s revealed that Deib secretly notes all the things he learns about Max.

Max picks up a photograph of her late mother and promises her that Deib is nothing but a friend, telling her she won’t let what happened with RJ happen again.

After setting up an event for the school staff, Max and Deib try out the karaoke. After singing a duet, Deib makes this confession in front of all their friends: “I like you, Max.”

When Max reacted negatively, Deib tells her that it was just a joke — one that Max didn’t find amusing at all.

At home, Max bares her feelings to RJ through an e-mail. She writes that she was annoyed when Deib acted he liked her, but when he took it back, it annoyed her as well.

When the group met up for another meeting, Max insists on paying Deib off with the stuff he treated her. Max also tells everyone to stop teasing them as a couple, because everything that he said was all a joke, even the part where he said he and Max are friends.

This offends Deib and he calls out Max’s distrust. She tells him she has every reason because this all could just be one of Deib’s pranks, even after Deib repeated that he really has changed.

Is the Max vs. Deib back on? We’ll have to wait and see until sixth episode of “He’s Into Her” drops this Sunday, July 4, on A2Z, Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and TFC! Or you can also watch it first for FREE this Friday, July 2, on iWant TFC!

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