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5 steamy and sexy movies you can watch on iWant

The rainy weather calls for a steamy movie marathon!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/27/2021 in News
5 steamy and sexy movies you can watch on iWant

If you're tired of the same, old series and films you've been watching at home for the past year, you might want to spice up your watch list with some steamy and sexy movies that feature love, comedy, and thrill at once.

Below are some of the movies you can stream on iWantTFC for your viewing pleasure:

1. "Glorious"

You know how the Angel Aquino and Tony Labrusca starrer made noise on social media even before it premiered on iWant because of the two's very intense kissing scene. But the movie offers a whole lot more than just what we saw in the trailer that makes it worth the watch.

Stream it here.

2. "Momol Nights"

In a generation where making out is already a common scenario, Peng (Kim Molina) is an exception who believes it's a sacred thing. And so when her friends dared her to MOMOL (Make Out Make Out Lang) with a complete stranger, Marco (Kit Thompson) became her target of the dare. The iWant Original film teaches a lot about consent, safe and casual sex, and that makes it more than just a sexy film.

Stream it here.

3. "Love Lockdown"

Another iWant Original, the movie revolved about three different stories set during the lockdown period at the onset of pandemic. While each of the stories are already interesting on their own, discovering how they are interconnected to each other will keep you at the edge of your seats.

Stream it here.

4. "Ex With Benefits"

You know things are about to get steamy when exes find fun in the "benefits" they get, and that's exactly what "Ex With Benefits" delivers. However, as sexy as their casual makeouts sound, the 2015 romance teaches more about love, relationships, forgiveness, and second chances.

Stream it here.

5. "Sunday Night Fever"

What happens when a supposed fling turns into a more serious one? In the iWant Original film, Kim (Nathalie Hart) and Mikey (Diether Ocampo) found solace in each other, in the form of wild and passionate love, but their own secrets and desires stop them from pursuing each other.

Stream it here.

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