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4 of the cutest celebrity Tinder stories

Michelle Madrigal and Guji Lorenzana's Tinder success stories are proof that true love is possible in online dating!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

6/23/2021 in News
4 of the cutest celebrity Tinder stories

Anyone who has tried online dating knows the struggle to find that connection when looking for a partner. It takes lots of failed swipe rights only to realize that it's really hard to meet "The One" virtually.

While Tinder and other dating apps have gotten a bad rep for merely being a channel of finding flings and hookups, these celebrities' success and cute online dating stories might change your mind:

1. Guji Lorenzana and Cheska Nolasco

In 2017, singer-actor Guji Lorenzana revealed in an interview that he met his wife Cheska Nolasco on Tinder after just a few swipes.

"So, gumawa ako ng profile and siguro 'yung mga first swipe ko, ilang swipe lang 'yung wife ko agad ang nakilala ko," Guji recalled.

The two immediately clicked and eventually went out together.

"For some reason, yung sa amin, success story talaga. When I joined, siyempre, 'yung isip ko sa Tinder was the same – for good time lang, have fun, single na ako, eh, so maghahanap ako ng ibang girls do'n," he added.

2. Vice Ganda

Back before he met Ion Perez, Vice Ganda admitted that he once tried joining Tinder and actually enjoyed it — until he got blocked.

The "It's Showtime" host then ranted on the show saying he already had some foreign chatmates on the app before his account was blocked.

“Kasi ‘yung mga Pinoy, akala siguro nila poser. Ni-report ako nang ni-report, naka-block tuloy ako! Hindi tuloy ako maka-swipe right, bad trip!” he shared.

“Ang ganda-ganda pa man din ng picture ko doon, ‘yung naka-swimsuit ako sa Bohol. Ang dami kayang tsumitsika sa akin doon na foreigner!” he added.

3. Michelle Madrigal and Troy Woolfolk

Yet another success story on Tinder, Michelle Madrigal revealed that she and her husband Troy Woolfolk met in the dating app through their wedding vows.

"Who would've thought that a single swipe could lead us here?" Michelle said during their wedding.

The couple then revealed more about their Tinder love story in one of Michelle's vlogs. Troy recalled, "[We met on] Tinder. Swipe swipe. She gave me the star. I was the Star of the Day!"

"Then we went out. We started talking on Sunday, right? And then we met up on a Wednesday, and then we went out again on a Saturday with his friends. And the rest is history,” Michelle added.

4. Kris Aquino

Kris Aquino made headlines earlier this year when she announced that she'll be joining Tinder upon getting permission from her son Bimby. While the account is merely support for a co-sponsor, the thought of seeing Kris on the dating app seems really fun.

“I asked Bimb’s permission and he said - sure mama, you have my blessings (iba na talaga ang mundo) - so on Friday when I create my profile, jojowain o totropahin nyo ba ko? Ready to swipe right?” she teased in an Instagram post.

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