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Ruby Rodriguez opens up about son’s rare disease

Ruby Rodriguez shares what her life is like now in the US

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/2/2021 in News
Ruby Rodriguez opens up about son’s rare disease

Ruby Rodriguez is a lot of things, but she’ll always be a mom first. When her child in the U.S. needed her, she willingly dropped everything to be by his side.

The host/comedienne revealed that she decided to leave the Philippines to tend to her son AJ, who is sick with a rare autoimmune disease, according to a report by Push.

“I’ve been going back and forth and all my siblings are here. With regards to have I relocated, have I migrated, matagal na po kaming nag-migrate, hindi lang ako nagpe-permanent stay,” she explained.

Ruby added, “Matagal na po kasi ito na magbe-break dapat, ako because as everybody knows, my son AJ, hindi ko ikinahihiya and I’m very proud of it, my son is a special student. Meron pa po siya na very rare na autoimmune disease, it’s called henoch–schönlein purpura na ang tinitira nun is the kidney. It’s very rare. Usually daw kapag uma-attack ‘yon, one time lang. Kaya lang ‘yung kanya, chronic—kaya rare. Kasi hindi dapat paulit-ulit. ‘Yung sa kanya, talagang dire-diretso, kaya na-damage ‘yung kidneys niya. Na-kidney biopsy na siya, kasi he already has stage 2 nephritis.”

Moving back to the U.S. was a choice their family had to make to assure that AJ gets the best treatment possible.

“We had to bring him here since he’s a citizen and get medical treatment. Sabi ng mga doktor sa Pilipinas, ‘Sige, ipa-check niyo na kasi they have better medications, they’re more advance in some ways.’ We have a doctor here, and what he’s trying to avoid with the medication of my son, we’re avoiding he gets dialysis at a very young age or, worst case scenario, kidney transplant because he’s too young,” she continued.

Ruby couldn’t bare the thought of her son deal with this condition without her, so she did what she had to do. “Since kailangan niyang mag-medical treatment dito, alangan namang wala ang ina? Puwedeng wala ang ama pero ang ina, hindi. Family first, he’s my son. Bakit ba tayo nagtatrabaho? Bakit pa ako magtatrabaho, para sa mga anak ko, lalo na para kay AJ.”

The new Viva Artists Agency talent got a job at the Philippine Consulate in Los Angeles, California, wanting to be able to provide for her family with her husband Mark Aquino.

“I’m starting it out here because paano na kami mabubuhay kung hindi naman ako magwo-work? Mahirap ang buhay dito, alam nating lahat ‘yan. And we don’t want to be spoonfed by my siblings who are here. Na parang ano forever na lang kaming dole-out? Hindi naman puwede,” shared Ruby.

Mark and Ruby have been married for almost 24 years. They also have a daughter named Toni.

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