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4 body care products you absolutely need to freshen yourself up this summer

Give your body the TLC it needs this summer!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/2/2021 in News
4 body care products you absolutely need to freshen yourself up this summer

Summer has become extra unbearable for the past weeks that merely going out for errands is already a hassle.

And as much as you invest in your facial skincare, you will never go wrong with giving your body tender love and care too, especially with the sweltering heat in the country.

So if you're a body care newbie, below are some products you might want to try incorporating in your routine that don't just target skin needs, but are also perfect in our country's humid weather:

The summer heat may want you to take multiple baths throughout the day but using a harsh soap can be stripping to your skin. Instead, you can use a body wash infused with natural oils to ensure cleanliness by still retaining moisture to your body. A body wash with coconut oil is great for gently cleansing your skin while keeping it refreshed!

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If you've got some spare time in the bath, try to exfoliate at least once or twice a week to remove the dead skin cells in your body especially if you always go out. For a gentle yet moisturizing body exfoliator, a body scrub with natural aloe vera and apricot beads can leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and refreshed with regular use.

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It's impossible not to sweat with the heat outside, that's why antiperspirants are a must this summer. Deodorant sprays are your best friend since it's easy to use without that unwanted sticky feeling on your armpits. Make sure that your deo is made of refreshing ingredients such as lime which can help neutralize odor while still having a refreshing fragrance.

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We know lotions aren't everyone's cup of tea because of how sticky they can be, especially with the humid weather in the country. But there are lots of body lotions now that offer moisture without that sticky feeling — they are so lightweight you won't even notice that you've applied one to your body! A non-sticky gel lotion with cooling menthol is your best bet to stay fresh all day without having that icky sensation.

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Got more body care recommendations? Share it with us in the comments!

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