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PHOTOS: The cutest bonding moments of celebs and their dads

These stars are truly blessed with such amazing dads ❤

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

6/19/2021 in News
PHOTOS: The cutest bonding moments of celebs and their dads

It's not often we see our favorite stars getting all sweet and cuddly with their fathers, so it's always an amazing moment to witness it from time to time.

This Father's Day, we are honoring all the superdads, who, just like these celebrities' fathers, are images of selflessness, dedication, and sacrifice. They may not be as open with their feelings, but their actions always speak so much of their love and care for their kids.

From doing mukbangs, to working out, up to traveling the world together, here are some of your favorite celebs and their dads' cutest bonding moments:

Kathryn and Teodore Bernardo

Donny and Anthony Pangilinan

Richard and Juliana Gomez

Gabby and KC Concepcion

Alex and Toni Gonzaga with Daddy Bonoy

Piolo and Inigo Pascual

Alden Richards and father Richard

Robi and Roberto Domingo

Frankie and Kiko Pangilinan

Gary and Gab Valenciano

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