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5 celebrities who are proud of their small boobs

These celebs have learned to embrace their cup A's

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

6/18/2021 in News
5 celebrities who are proud of their small boobs

We've really come a long way when it comes to society's standard of sexy. We used to glorify people who are huge in all aspects, but people have become more and more confident about their bodies today.

Take these celebrities, for instance, who have learned to embrace what they have, even if they come in small packages. So if you're feeling a little bit insecure of your cup A’s, these celebs who are in the same shoes as yours might just hype up your confidence:

1. Julia Barretto



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Dubbed as a "Flat-chested Queen" by some, Julia is challenging beauty standards by embracing what she has. In 2019, Julia made headlines when she poked fun at her small boobs saying she's not a fan of wearing bras since they “had nothing to hold on to”.

In another interview on "Tonight With Boy Abunda," Julia said she's happy that her fellow flat-chested ladies have become more proud of their boobs instead of looking at it as an insecurity.

“I think mas natuwa ako kasi mas naging confident ‘yung mga girls who don’t have big boobs. Siguro, natuwa lang ako sa mga comments, they are more open about it. They're more proud of it. Kasi sometimes, if wala, they feel like it should be an insecurity or it should be something they’re ashamed of,” she said.

2. Chie Filomeno



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Back in the 2018 ABS-CBN Ball, Chie became the focus of bashers who criticized her flat chest because of the plunging neckline dress she wore at the event.

Instead of hitting back at the bashers, Chie gave the sassiest response to them as she posted her photo from the ball with the caption, "Flat man ako pero fab pa rin, dzaii."

She also posted this as a reminder to all the people that body-shaming is never okay.



3. Lovi Poe



A post shared by Lovi Poe (@lovipoe)


Using the hashtag #LoviYourBody, the actress advocated for body positivity by flaunting her flat chest in an Instagram post.

She wrote, "I am Lovi Poe. If there’s one fabric I could wear forever it would be lace and I am also an advocate of self love. Yes I am flat and proud.😂😉♥️"

4. Maureen Wrob



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Maureen has long accepted her small breasts, that no amount of hate comment affect her anymore. But in one of her tweets, Maureen called out one netizen who questioned why she is flat-chested on Instagram.

The "Asia's Next Top Model Season 5" winner then educated the netizen, saying they should be mindful of their words since not everyone could handle their insecurities well.



5. Valeen Montenegro



Just recently, the model/actress promoted body positivity in a photoshoot where she claimed that "Flat is the new normal" as she embraced her flat chest. She also mentioned in a previous interview that she's "very confident" and "blessed" to have her "babies."

"For the record, I’m very confident with my babies. I love them how they are. Kasi hindi siya hindrance. I’m not saying naman for other people that have bigger boobies than me are nahihirapan. Pero I love the way they are and I’m not at all insecure about them. As in, I’m so confident and I’m so blessed to have these,” Valeen said.

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