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Vlogger 'The Hungry Syrian Wanderer' reveals he is now a Filipino citizen

Basel explained why he had to keep his Filipino citizenship a secret for two years before sharing it to the public

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

6/17/2021 in News
Vlogger 'The Hungry Syrian Wanderer' reveals he is now a Filipino citizen

Vlogger Basel Manadil, better known as "The Hungry Syrian Wanderer," revealed he is now a naturalized Filipino Citizen.

Wearing a Barong Tagalog, the Syrian vlogger made the announcement on his vlog last June 12 in celebration of Philippine Independence Day.

According to Basel, he officially became a Filipino citizen in 2019, as he proudly showed off his Philippine passport.

“When I had this more than two years ago, I wanted to have that moment for myself. I am considered Filipino and my blood is Filipino Plus. So, hindi tayo negative mga tao. It’s a plus,” he explained.



Basel also shared how he ended up in the Philippines despite having a comfortable life in Syria.

“I came from a well-off family. I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth if that’s the term. The war started in Syria so my family wanted to send me here to the Philippines to study here,” he recalled.

While he was offered to fly to Europe when he graduated, Basel said it was his personal choice to stay in the country for good.

“When I was offered to go to Europe, I was thinking deep. The luxury life, instant money, instant happiness, and instant job, which is Europe or Philippines, simple life, no expected money, no expected job, and just living day by day," he said.

“I chose the Philippines, pure travel and mingling with the locals of every place I go to. This is what I chose.”


The vlogger said that he also found his purpose the longer he stayed here, as well as the true meaning behind "The Hungry Syrian Wanderer."

“I just felt like instead of me focusing too much on traveling, you know, going to different areas, different places, I want to help as many people as I can," he said. “I can't help everybody, but just help random people that you meet."

"In the long run, I found out the real meaning of 'The Hungry Syrian Wanderer.' I'm hungry to wander more, help more people, and explore more things about the Philippines," he added.

Basel is best known for his heartwarming vlogs about helping those who are in need by providing relief goods, handing generous tips, and even giving away gadgets to those who need them.

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