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Nadine Lustre says she learned to stop spending time with people that don’t ‘benefit’ her

Nadine Lustre explains why she can’t quit social media

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/16/2021 in News
Nadine Lustre says she learned to stop spending time with people that don’t ‘benefit’ her

Life has never been perfect for anyone. Bad things happen around us every single day. But for Nadine Lustre, there’s a way to keep oneself sane and happy through it all.

It’s easy. The award-winning actress just learned how to accept. In an interview with Boy Abunda on his YouTube channel, she shared that this is what she discovered to do in the past couple of months.

“Me being more accepting and accepting whatever outcome or whatever happens. It is what it is. It’s just life and just be okay,” said Nadine.

With this, not only did the “Wildest Dreams” artist start practicing acceptance, but she also became okay with removing herself from circumstances that she knows aren’t good for her anymore.

“I’ve done a lot of shifting in my life. Let go of a lot of things. I don’t know, I’m just full. When people ask me now how I’m doing, I don’t say ‘good,’ I say ‘full.’ I’m just ready to live life,” she explained.

Nadine continued, “It’s more of just learning to say no and understanding what is beneficial to you and the things that don’t serve you anymore. If this person is making you feel that type of way, then why should you hang out with that person? If you’re not benefiting from that person, there’s no need for this energy exchange. Because energy is currency and it runs out. So the more you try to give out your energy to different people and you don’t get anything back, made-deplete ka, eh.”

This is one of reasons why she take social media breaks from time to time, as a way of cleansing herself of the “toxicity” she finds so much in it.

“As much as possible, I don't really deal with the toxicity... it is very toxic, I must admit. there are so many people throwing hate and just saying whatever they want just to bring other people down,” she said.

The 27-year-old then recalled times that she would receive nasty comments about her loved ones and that’s what she couldn’t stand.

“I don't really have the courage to deal with it, because before talaga I would see comments or messages from random people talking about my family, friends. It really hurts me. If it's about me, I don't really care, you can say whatever you want. It got to that point. I just couldn't handle it then,” she admitted.

Nadine understands how important this platform is, so she utilizes it for something herself and fans would benefit from. “Me kasi, when I share on social media, it's the stuff I want to share and it's stuff that I know my followers would benefit from. Something to inspire them. Something the kind of spark to make them creative.”

If she would have to, she could easily let go of social media. However, she said, “I can actually survive without social media, surprisingly. But I have to do it because it's part of my work.”

“This is my way of giving back to them and make them feel like, ‘Oh, hey I still remember you all and I still love you all,” she added.

Nadine talked about her upcoming digital concert “Absolute Madness” as well. It will be streaming via Kumu Live this July 3.

The event will push through despite the decision of the regional trial court of Quezon City to uphold her contract with Viva Artists Agency.

Watch Nadine’s full interview here:

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