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Mo Twister, Angelicopter get married in Iceland

You won’t believe the struggle Mo Twister and Angelicopter went through on their wedding day!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/16/2021 in News
Mo Twister, Angelicopter get married in Iceland

Mo Twister and Angelicopter just got hitched on Iceland!

The former Magic 89.9 DJ announced it on Instagram today, June 16, and shared a bit about the struggle they went through, including a 1.5km hike, just to make this event possible.

With a happy photo of the two of them together, he wrote, “Here’s a tip about getting married in a far away wilderness like Iceland. Have not one but two backup plans.”



A post shared by Mo Twister (@djmotwister)

Mo revealed that a lot of things didn’t go as planned because of the location’s nature. “For the second time we have been here together, things we had scheduled a long time ago were cancelled by weather. We had some extreme weather that made us have to completely overhaul the entire day. Where we scheduled to have our ceremony, changed due to a summertime snow storm.”

And as if things couldn’t have gotten more chaotic, their wedding outfits got ruined. “Angelika’s wedding dress was ripped by the weather and the elements. My clothes drenched. We moved to several locations, the kids nearly froze to death, they had to stay in the hotel ‘cause they just couldn’t handle the weather any longer.”

But, luckily, the skies let up and the couple finally got to tie the knot with a breathtaking view. “Then like a miracle, we found a bright, calm and SUNNY spot wherein it ended up with just the two of us. Insane and insanely romantic. It was incredible.”

He added, “And yay! I get to finally wear a wedding ring!! I love you @angelicopter, no wedding hashtag.”

The “Good Times with Mo” host also posted this beautiful photo of Angelicopter standing between the snowy mountains of Iceland à la Daenerys Targaryen of “Game of Thrones”.

He even made a reference from the show on the caption and called her his “Khaleesi”. Aww!



A post shared by Mo Twister (@djmotwister)

Mo and Angelicopter got engaged in May 2020. They are now based in New York with their kids.

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