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Nico shares 'team work' behind Solenn's aesthetic mom bod photo

Behind every aesthetic photo of the wife is a struggling husband! 😂

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

6/15/2021 in News
Nico shares 'team work' behind Solenn's aesthetic mom bod photo

We've always admired the beautiful photos of Solenn Heussaff on Instagram, but it was only recently that we got to witness what happens behind the scenes.

Last June 11, Solenn uploaded an artsy mom bod photo of her with what seemed to be a shadow of a palm leaf on her back, which earned praise from the netizens.



A post shared by Solenn Heussaff (@solenn)


However, as stunning as the photo looked, it wasn't the same for her husband Nico Bolzico. Apparently, he's the person responsible for holding the palm leaf for the photo! Nico shared the behind-the-scenes of how they achieved it on his Instagram account.



A post shared by Nico Bolzico (@nicobolzico)


In the caption, Nico shared that every photo they take needs a three-man team — with him as the "assistant," Erwan Heussaff as the photographer and videographer, and Solenn and Anne Curtis as the subjects.

Nico also shared a fail moment between him and Anne, saying, "I was simply asking her to take a horizontal picture, instead she records this vertical 'amazing' video." LOL!

The four of them recently went to Palawan for a vacation together with their daughters Dahlia and Thylane.

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