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Treat yourself: 5 cooking appliance deals you can get right now!

These appliances are a must-have for every kitchen!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

6/15/2021 in News
Treat yourself: 5 cooking appliance deals you can get right now!

Being at home during the quarantine has turned everyone into a cook or a baker, and cooking and baking has quickly turned into new quarantine hobbies.

But if you're still a beginner and still don't know where to start, it's always nice to invest first in quality cooking appliances that are easy-to-use, multifunctional, and if you're part of the Home Buddies group, should be aesthetically pleasing too.

And since it's payday, there's no better time to treat yourself than today with the best cooking appliance deals you can find online:

Air fryer

If you've been eyeing an air fryer for a while now, then this is the sign you need. They're convenient, they're easy-to-use, and they're a relatively "healthier" alternative than deep frying foods in the pot or pan. Just make sure that you get one with an auto shut-off feature to ensure safety in your kitchen.

Shop 3L air fryer here.

3-in-1 Breakfast Maker

Make cooking breakfast easier with this cute but useful appliance that has a coffee maker, an oven toaster, and a frying pan. These are perfect for homes with small spaces since it can already hold three appliances in one. And can we just mention how kawaii that pink color is?

Shop here.

Cookware Set

The perfect cookware for Team Kahoy and Team Puti, these non-stick pans are the perfect addition to a minimalist kitchen with its white base and wooden design handle. If you're just building your cookware set at home, these two are also good beginner pans that are aesthetic yet useful.

Shop here.

Korean-inspired rice cooker

If you're planning to upgrade your good ol' traditional kaldero to a rice cooker, you might want to get the Korean-inspired ones. Not only do they look aesthetically pleasing in your kitchen, but they also have different feature selections depending on what you will cook on the rice cooker. Yup, it can also cook other meals such as porridge, steamed meals, and soup, among others! Definitely sulit.

Shop here. (https://c.lazada.com.ph/t/c.0JQ77s?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.lazada.com.ph%2Fproducts%2Fxiaomi-mijia-mi-electric-rice-cooker-c1-4l-capacity-automatic-adjustable-household-cooker-220v-650w-multi-function-electric-rice-cooker-model-mdfbz02acm-i745546382-s2218720923.html&sub_aff_id=Blog&sub_id1=Article)

Mini electric oven

Want to try baking but not yet ready to commit to huge electric ovens? Mini ovens are your best bet since they offer the same feature without taking too much space. Their small liter capacity is also good for beginner bakers who only want to try small batches when baking. Just look for durable ones with several heating functions to control the heat when cooking or baking.

Shop here.

Want to shop more deals? Shop here.

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