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‘He’s Into Her’ Ep. 3: It’s a prank… NOT!

Max (Belle Mariano) and Deib (Donny Pangilinan) get into another “strappy” situation!

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Star Cinema Admin

6/14/2021 in News
‘He’s Into Her’ Ep. 3: It’s a prank… NOT!

After getting told that she would have to pay for the orders that was placed as another prank on her, Max (Belle Mariano) unleashes her anger towards Deib (Donny Pangilinan) by trashing his car with the milkteas, burgers, and fries she was supposed to deliver.

She bursts into tears and tells him that she could take anything they throw at her, just leave her job out of it, because she needs the money for her Lola’s (Marissa Delgado) meds.

Clearly taken aback, Deib apologizes and tells her he knew nothing about this prank.

Later at home, Max confesses to her dad (Richard Quan) that she applied for a job to be able to send money to her family back in Mindoro.

He offers to pay for whatever Max’s family needs as long as she promises to stay out of trouble at school.

Max’s stepmom (Issa Litton) comes up to her then says that Max’s mom was not welcomed by her dad’s family and Max could receive the same treatment.

She asks Max why she’s staying with them when it’s clear she would rather be where she grew up and be with her Lola. Max tells her stepmom that after the school year, she will return to Mindoro like what she and her dad agreed on.

The next day at the caferia, Lorde (Gello Marquez) suggests they should take their pranks on Max to the next level. But both Lee (Joao Constancia) and Tob (Rhys Miguel) think they should lay low with it after going too far with the last one.

Deib, visibly feeling guilty, walks over to Max to repay her for the orders. But before he could make it to her, everyone in the cafeteria receives a recording of Max saying not even his mom could love Deib for how evil he is.

Deib visits his brother (Turs Daza) in the hospital and Deib tells him that maybe Max was right, maybe their mom (Ana Abad Santos) really does hate him. So he asks his brother to wake up to make their mom happy again.

At school, Deib bumps into Max and Max’s bra slips from her bag. Deib picks it up and dangles it above her.

The headmaster (Kuya Manzano) catches them, so he decides to punish them with an anti-bullying project to work on together. Deib and Max agree to do it over at Deib’s house.

Southbay’s team captain Randall (Jeremiah Lisbo) shows up where Deib and his team were practicing. Randall challenges Deib for a 3-on-3 match.

They intimidate each other throughout the “friendly game,” but in the end, Randall’s team takes the win.

When Max arrived at Deib’s, she ends up in his room and finds him wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist, fresh from the shower.

He corners Max by the door and… what happens next is something we should all watch out for on the fourth episode of “He’s Into Her” this Sunday, June 20, on A2Z, Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and TFC! Or you can also watch it first for FREE this Friday, June 18, on iWant TFC!

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