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WATCH: KC Concepcion's birthday celeb with dad Gabby and siblings

KC's 36th birthday celebration is as memorable as it could be!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

6/1/2021 in News
WATCH: KC Concepcion's birthday celeb with dad Gabby and siblings

KC Concepcion finally shared a glimpse of her intimate birthday celebration last April which she spent with her father Gabby's side, the Concepcions.

The actress-host, who turned 36 last April 7, uploaded her birthday vlog only last May 30, where we saw the clips from her celebration in Batangas.

"I'm so excited to be spending my birthday with my papa's side. I miss my mom's side, but I also am super happy to be doing this for the first time—a beach trip with papa and my siblings and tita," she said in the video.



Among the activities they did were dipping by the pool, a kayaking session, and playing board games. Gabby also showed off his cooking skills as he prepared a dish for the family.

KC was surprised by her siblings, Samantha and Savannah, with a chocolate cake, a picture they personally drew, and a huge birthday card for their Ate.

Sam's message on the card reads, "I am so happy that we finally get to celebrate your birthday with you and that we finally get to see and spend time with you again, after a long time. I wish we get to do this more often and make more memories with each other! Thank you for being the best big sister anyone could ever ask for!"

Meanwhile, Gabby uttered a birthday wish for his eldest daughter. He said, "Well, I hope you're happy in anything that you do. Looks like you've been very successful in a lot of things that you've done."

Grateful and emotional, KC couldn't wish for a better celebration with her family.

"I'm really enjoying my birthday. It's so nice, cool, casual, simple, it's all you need. All the love in the world. No frills, just love," KC enthused.

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