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8 celebrities and their supportive non-showbiz moms

These supportive stage moms also get a fair share of the spotlight!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

5/6/2021 in News
8 celebrities and their supportive non-showbiz moms

Whether they like it or not, parents, siblings, and even relatives of celebrities will get media attention at some point in time. From guestings on shows to being stalked by eagle-eyed fans of these celebs, they are just not exempted from the public eye.

In this case, these mothers of celebrities have gained traction from the fans for their immeasurable support to their kids. Some have been actively sharing updates of their children on social media, while some make appearances on their vlogs and endear fans even more with their personalities.

Scroll through to see these non-showbiz moms that are now as famous as their kids:

1. Kathryn Bernardo and Mommy Min


2. Vice Ganda and Mommy Rosario


3. Bea Alonzo and Mom Mary Ann



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4. Sarah Geronimo and Mommy Divine



5. Toni and Alex Gonzaga and Mommy Pinty



6. Anne Curtis and Mommy Carmen



7. Gerald Anderson and Mommy Vangie



8. Ivana Alawi and Mommy Fatima



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