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Krissy Villongco says she 'hated' all of her sister Ericka's exes

Ayy, may pag-name drop si Krissy! 🙊

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

5/4/2021 in News
Krissy Villongco says she 'hated' all of her sister Ericka's exes

Sisters Krissy and Ericka Villongco, best known for their hit song "12:51," reunited for a vlog where they candidly talked about their exes, bad habits, and many more.

In the video, the two openly discussed their exes while doing their skincare by asking who among each others' ex-boyfriends is their favorite.

Krissy then went on first, and she didn't hold back as she named her favorite among Ericka's exes. She said, "Ohhh... he's about to go down. His name is *bleep*" as Ericka censored the name of who her sister is referring to.

She then quickly replied, "I’m going to shoot you!"

Krissy explained that she was actually joking. She said, "No, that’s a lie. I hated all of her exes. Let’s just leave it at that."

"I was just kidding. That’s a lie. He’s not my favorite,” she added.

But kidding aside, Krissy said that she actually liked her sister's first-ever boyfriend among all of them.

”Honestly, I think it was your first boyfriend. He was the one that I definitely got along with the most,” she revealed.

”That’s what I was thinking, too," Ericka seconded. "He made you laugh all the time. He was cool too, as a friend."

Among Ericka's publicly known boyfriends back when she was still in the Philippines was actor James Reid. The two dated for three years before their much-publicized breakup.

Ericka is now happily engaged to her partner Ross Sauve. In one of her latest vlogs, Ericka shared a glimpse of their future home in California.

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