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WATCH: Kathryn Bernardo shows what’s in her work bag

Kathryn Bernardo admits she’s not a morning person, so this is what she does

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/31/2021 in News
WATCH: Kathryn Bernardo shows what’s in her work bag

Kathryn Bernardo isn’t just a queen in acting and in the box office. She’s also a queen in keeping stuff neat and organized.

On the latest edition of her vlog “Everyday Kath”, the Kapamilya star revealed what’s inside her work bag or what she likes to bring with her when filming or doing pictorials.

She keeps everything in a classic Damier Graphite Canvas Louis Vuitton duffel bag, which is nothing like the bags people usually see her carrying around.

“I bring this with me every time I have shoots, pictorials. I gifted this to myself last March for my birthday. I know you’re used to seeing me with small bags, you know how much I love small bags. But, for my birthday, I decided to go for a big bag, because it’s more useful, especially now, because meron bagong rule sa mga shoots na kailangan nilang i-lessen ‘yung mga tao,” she explained.

The award-winning actress added, “So, sometimes I go to shoots just by myself, sometimes with my [road manager], and wala na ‘kong plus one. I don’t have any other bag na, just another bag for my shoes. So two bags lang ‘yung dala ko now. I just bring what I really need for the shoot. So everything I need, it’s inside this bag.”

In it, she has a cashmere scarf, also from Louis Vuitton, and of course, a face shield and her face mask.

She also has three Prada pouches: a medium green one as her “kikay kit”, another green but larger for her “bathroom essentials”, and a small pink one for her gadgets and chargers.

Kathryn likes to have a bottle of dry shampoo ready to keep her hair fresh amidst the city heat. But she confessed it’s something for her boyfriend Daniel Padilla as well.

“Because DJ likes to smell my hair, so kailangan ready tayo,” she said.

The Queen of Hearts has a sweet tooth so she always has a bar of chocolate in her bag. “I can’t end my meal without anything sweet.”

Another item she pulled out was a pair of black round sunglasses — something to wear when she needs to be out and about early.

She admitted, “I’m not a morning person, so ‘pag ayaw ko makipag-usap or ‘pag on the way to shoots, I just wear this habang bumebuwelo ako to start my day.”

Watch her full vlog here!

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