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‘He’s Into Her’ Ep. 1: Deib gets struck by Maxpein

Uh-oh! Looks like Maxpein (Belle Mariano) has made more enemies than friends on her first day at her new school!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/31/2021 in News
‘He’s Into Her’ Ep. 1: Deib gets struck by Maxpein

The pilot episode of “He’s Into Her” introduces us right away to our heroine, Maxpein (Belle Mariano).

We first meet her in the middle of a cafeteria, wondering what led her to that moment. She is bothered with what-ifs and what her life could have been like if she never crossed paths with “him”.

But before we find out what Maxpein was really talking about, she takes us a few steps back and shows us what her life was before it changed.

We get a peek of her hometown in Mindoro, where she has lived a simple life and got to be herself — a loving friend, niece, granddaughter, and neighbor, who isn’t afraid of standing up for herself and others when oppressed.

After defending a young girl from her bullies, Maxpein tells her, “‘Wag ka magpapakita na takot ka, ha? Mas lalo ka nilang aapihin.”

But witnessing all this was bittersweet for us as she later bids her home and her loved ones goodbye to continue her studies in Manila.

She hops on a tricycle and heads to the airport. But not long after her journey began, Maxpein encounters her first obstacle.

The ride she’s on gets into an accident with a grey SUV. A young man (Donny Pangilinan) gets out from the back seat to check what happened.

Clearly in a rush, he dismisses Maxpein’s complaints and asks her, “Magkano?” This pisses her off and they come face to face.

Unable to stop him from getting away, the young man gets back in the car with his chauffeur and drives away, as Maxpein yells from behind, “Hoy, ikaw malilintikan ka sa ‘kin pag nagtagpo tayo ulit!”

In Manila, Maxpein meets her dad (Richard Quan). On their way to his house, he notices her clinging to her necklace and she tells him that it was her mom’s.

He reveals to her that the necklace was actually from him and as he was about to give her more details about it, he gets interrupted by a call on his cellphone.

At the house waiting for them are her dad’s new wife (Issa Litton), their son, and their daughter Elle (Melizza Jimenez).

Elle makes it clear that she thinks Maxpein doesn’t belong in their fancy house and in their family, believing that she’s a threat to her mom and dad’s relationship.

When she’s finally alone, Maxpein takes her laptop out and begins writing email to an old friend named RJ, seeking comfort. She tells him that the kind of stories that she used to only watch in teleseryes is now her reality.

The next day, Maxpein arrives at Benison International School, the school she will not be attending. Naih (Criza Taa), a bubbly classmate, gets the task of guiding Maxpein on her first day.

Naih quickly gives Maxpein the rundown of what to do and what not do to fit in with the rest of the students. One of the tips she gave is get better outfits or else she would go unnoticed by the student body.

Naih brings Maxpein to her friends, Migz (Limer Veloso) and Michiko (Kaori Oinuma), who both welcomed her into their circle with open arms.

Just as they were getting to know Maxpein, other students and Maxpein’s new friends go into a panic as the Alpha 3 makes their entrance.

One of them is funny guy Tobi (Rhys Miguel), who Michiko believes pranks only those who exist in his world. And she has never become a victim of them.

The other guy is the quiet and mysterious Lee (Joao Constancia), whom Naih wishes would write a song about her.

But at the center of it all is Deib — the “super smart, super cute, and super galing in everything” guy, as described by Migz. This piques Maxpein’s interest and tries to get a sight of the guy everyone’s gushing about.

Deib passes right in front of Maxpein, but she fails to get a good look after getting hit by the school mascot and falling to the ground.

Later at the cafeteria, Ysay (Vivoree) gets on her knees and fangirls right in front of Deib. She tells him that she ships him with a girl named Kim, and that they’re her ultimate OTP.

Deib, obviously not amused, commands Ysay to delete every picture she has of Deib and Kim.

Deib starts to walk away, but Ysay grabs his arm to apologize. Deib pushes her and Ysay falls back. Witnessing all this, the defender of the oppressed in Maxpein jumps out.

She marches up to Deib and she recognizes him as the guy from the road mishap. She fearlessly tells him that she has no right to treat anyone as bad as he did to Ysay.

Unwilling to hear another word from Maxpein, Deib asks for his wallet from Lorde (Gello Marquez) and tells Maxpein, “Name your price, but after stay out of my sight.”

Offended by Deib’s arrogance, Maxpein lands a good punch right on his cheek.

They meet again in class and get into a heated debate about the “true love ideal”. And just when we were about to write Deib’s name on our bad boy list, he gives this speech about what true love is for him — making us think that, maybe, there is a “soft boi” hiding in there somewhere after all.

He tells the class, “The ‘true love ideal’ has nothing to do with gender or sexual identity. Finding the meaning and purpose of your life in one person is the true love ideal. A love that is so rare and so special, it hits you like lightning. And lightning, it never strikes the same spot twice. That is true love. A once-in-a-lifetime love that you search for your whole life.”

The teacher notices that Maxpein isn’t impressed, so she gets asked to stand up and share her own thoughts about the topic.

She counters what Deib has said by telling him that true love does not exist for everyone and that most of the time, chasing after it could only bring so much pain and destruction to a person.

She tells Deib that since he compared true love to lightning, then maybe he should avoid true love just as he would avoid actual lightning.

Their confrontation leads them to an argument about where they started: the accident. And all their classmates are left scrunching their noses feeling confused.

Back in the hallway, Maxpein’s new friends warns her that she may have just gotten herself in so much trouble, but she tells them that she doesn’t care and she’s ready to put up a fight.

Deib hears this and he comes up to her and corners her by the lockers. But before he even gets to open his mouth to say anything, he accidentally gets pushed by a student and falls forward, with his lips landing right on Maxpein’s!

Want to know what happens next? Catch the second episode of “He’s Into Her” this Sunday, June 6, on A2Z, Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and TFC! Or you can also watch it first for FREE this Friday, June 4, on iWant TFC!

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