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#HIHGeneralAssembly: The best and most kilig happenings at the 'He's Into Her' virtual media launch

These moments are living rent-free in our minds!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/3/2021 in News
#HIHGeneralAssembly: The best and most kilig happenings at the 'He's Into Her' virtual media launch

We know you feel us when we say we still have a hangover from last Saturday's "He's Into Her" General Assembly.

It was the first time we saw the whole cast led by Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano come together for one big event. The official trailer was also unveiled, and it all certainly didn't disappoint the fans.

While the memory is still fresh with us, here's a little recap of all the best and kilig moments that went down during the #HIHGeneralAssembly:

When Donny and Belle admitted that they are "bagay" to each other

Host Robi Domingo opened the media launch with a bang with a pasabog question right then and there for DonBelle: "Sa tingin niyo ba, bagay kayo sa isa't isa?" And yes, Donny answered right away with "Oo naman! Wala ng explanation."

Agreeing with Donny, Belle also answered the same, "Oo naman!" Oo naman, kami na talaga ang kinilig sa inyong dalawa. 🙈

KaoRhys' kilig nuances and exchange of messages

Even Robi himself observed how Kaori Oinuma and Rhys Miguel seem to have a "mutual understanding" whenever they answer questions from the press. And can we just say how kilig we felt when Rhys assured that he got Kaori's back? ❤

When Robi copied Jeremiah Lisbo's maangas look

Robi just had to point out Jeremiah's look from the trailer that totally caught his attention. He was so mesmerized that he had to copy his expression and also made Jeremiah re-enact it. Ang gugwapo!

On having a second season

Robi put the creatives team and the stars on the hot seat when he asked what everyone wanted to know — will there be a season two for the series?

Well, Ms. Vanessa Valdez made it clear that it will all depend on the viewers' reception as it finally airs this May 28 on iWantTFC! You guys already know the drill! 😉

How to say "He's Into Her" the mataray way

Robi challenged the series' "mean girls" Melizza Jimenez, Dalia Varde, Sophie Reyes, and Ashley Del Mundo to show off their mataray side by saying "He's Into Her" in the most mataray way they can.

And while the girls did a great job, we were also very much entertained by Limer Veloso and Gello Marquez' versions of being sassy! Pak na pak! 😂

And how to say "He's Into Her" as their characters

Of course it wouldn't be complete without the participation of the other cast by being challenged to say the title as their characters in the series.

We loved Vivoree and Criza Taa's cheerful versions as well as Kaori's Japanese version, while Jeremiah, Rhys Miguel, and Joao Constancia said it in the most maangas and very much pa-fall way.

And our most favorite part? The way Donny and Belle said it as if we're already watching the series. Our Deib and Max hearts just cannot!!! ❤

Can't wait to see them in their full characters? Catch the advance release of "He's Into Her" on iWantTFC this May 28, followed by its airing on other platforms such as the Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z Channel 11, and TFC on May 30 at 8:45 PM.

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