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Julia Barretto gets real with dad Dennis Padilla why she wanted to drop Baldivia surname

Julia Barretto explains to dad Dennis Padilla why she was scared of him

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5/3/2021 in News
Julia Barretto gets real with dad Dennis Padilla why she wanted to drop Baldivia surname

Julia Barretto bared her feelings while talking to her dad Dennis Padilla about their past “misunderstandings.”

For her recent vlog, the actress invited Dennis for a virtual interview to talk about his career and his relationship with his children and their mothers.

When Julia asked him if there are things he wishes he could have done differently as a father, he answered, “I should listen first. I shouldn’t have given my opinion first. Kumbaga, ‘Dennis, ‘wag ka muna makialam. Alamin mo mung ‘yung puno’t dulo. Bakit hindi mo muna tanungin si Julia.’ Gusto ko naman gano’n ‘yung mangyari, kaya lang hindi ako makapag-communicate sa inyo. Kasi every time magte-text ako, wala akong makukuhang feedback at all. I would text and wala, deadma lang. Minsan tatlo o apat na araw na, wala.”

Then Dennis brought up his hurt when he first heard that Julia wanted to drop his real last name, Baldivia, legally.

“Remember that issue na tinatanggal niyo ‘yung family name ko? ‘Di ba you went to court to take off my family name? That was a dagger, hindi lang dahil sa pangalanan ‘yun, ah? That’s my blood, kaya masakit ‘yun. Kumbaga, ano pa ba gusto niyo? Barretto na nga dala mo sa screen, eh. You are already well-known as a Barretto, ba’t tatanggalin niyo pa ‘yung apelyido ko, masakit sa akin ‘yun,” said Dennis.

Dennis recalled calling and texting them multiple times, but still didn't get an answer. He also did not understand why Julia wanted to drop his last name, when she’s already known by everyone as a Barretto anyway.

He told her, “Hindi ko maintindihan bakit kailangan ipatanggal. Makakabawas ba ‘to sa pagkatao mo? No. Makakabawa ba ‘to sa popularity mo? No.”

Although, she didn’t push through with the action, Julia then explained to him that they came to that decision, because carrying his last name would make her and her siblings, Claudia and Leon, his illegitimate children, since his marriage with their mom, Marjorie Barretto, was null and void due to his first marriage.

“I think at that time, well ‘cause you already made kwento naman about the story of your marriage with mom being null and void, because you didn’t know anymore what you were signing. We were in that phase where we trying to correct your mistake,” she said.

She went on to make him understand the reason why they had a tough time keeping in touch with him in the past.

“But, Pa, you also said you were trying to message, I think ‘yung mga panahong ‘yun, you said you would try to message and wala ka na maririnig na response, I think it’s because ‘yung mga history ng misunderstandings natin is magte-text ka lang, ‘pag may nasaktan na. So parang ‘pag nag-text ka na, alam mo ‘yung nasaktan na ‘ko, eh. Nagawa na ‘yung action bago pa nakapag-usap ng maayos. So I think everybody was coming from a painful place,” Julia continued.

The “Unexpectedly Yours” star mentioned experiencing “pain and hurt” from her relationship with Dennis, which made it hard for her to communicate with him. “That’s why you couldn’t hear from us, because at that point, we were already in pain. We were already too scared of you. I wish you would also recognize or acknowledge the fact that, ‘Okay, maybe I may have done something that would scare my kids off.’”

She remembered, “Before we would speak on the phone, you know this, Pa, you wouldn’t have the best tone or the best choice of words. If I’m being honest, I’m gonna talk for myself, not for my other siblings, of course, that scarred me. Of course, that traumatized me. Of course, that scared me.”

Despite this, however, Julia said she still wanted to have a connection with Dennis. “I hope you also notice, even despite those painful words and actions, I still fought hard to keep a certain relationship with you. I didn’t ever give up on our relationship. If I had given up, we wouldn’t be talking right now.”

But then, she told him that she knows how hard it must have been for him as well. “I understand your frustrations that nobody was talking to you, but you have to look why we weren’t talking to you. Why we were so scared to talk to you. You have to understand there was so much pain. There was so much fear.”

Later, both agreed that what may have happened in the past is in the past now. Dennis talked about how he has a gotten new perspective in life after battling severe symptoms of COVID-19 and Julia sees that “change” in him.

“All is well and forgiven now. I’m so glad you have a good relationship with me, with Clau, with Leon, and with all your kids now. I am so proud of you, because I saw your change after your journey with COVID,” said Julia.

Watch their full conversation here:

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