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'BINI' profiles: Get to know the 8 members!

Here are some fun trivia about the members of the group!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

5/26/2021 in News
'BINI' profiles: Get to know the 8 members!

BINI is ready to come in full bloom!

This June, the 8-member P-Pop girl group is all set to launch their brand new, original single “Born to Win” after they teased us earlier this week with their dreamy concept photos for their debut. 

But before we finally see them come together in the two-part special entitled “BINI: The Launch” this June 4 and June 11, here are the girls' profiles to let you get to know them more!




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Full name: Maraiah Queen Arceta
Age: 20
Position: Visual, sub vocal, sub rapper
Fun fact: Aiah is a former beauty queen who also competed in Scrabble tournaments in her school. She was the one who last entered the camp with no prior experience in singing nor dancing.




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Full name: Nicolette Vergara
Age: 19
Position: Main vocal, lead dancer, lead rapper
Fun fact: Coming from a family of singers, Colet has a talent for composing songs, and she also knows how to play the guitar and the drums.




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Full name: Mary Loi Ricalde
Age: 18
Position: Main vocal
Fun fact: Maloi is a consistent honor student who was also very active in extra-curricular activities. Among the organizations she was part of were the chorale, swimming, and badminton varsity, and she was also part of the majorette team.




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Full name: Gweneth Apuli
Age: 17
Position: Lead vocal, lead rapper
Fun fact: A former "Pinoy Big Brother" housemate, Gwen started modelling and joining singing competitions at 13. She is passionate about makeup, and has also started learning how to play the ukulele.




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Full name: Stacey Aubrey Sevilleja
Age: 17
Position: Main rapper, lead dancer
Fun fact:  Also a former beauty queen, Stacey got her fashion sense from her mom who designs costumes and gowns. She also learned modelling at an early age.




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Full name: Mikhaela Lim
Age: 16
Position: Main rapper, lead dancer, visual
Fun fact: The sporty one of the group, Mikha was a volleyball player and a cheerleader in school. She used to be very insecure having no singing or dancing experience, but eventually overcame it with constant practice.




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Full name: Jhoanna Robles
Age: 16
Position: Leader, lead vocal, lead rapper
Fun fact: Prior to appearing in "Kadenang Ginto," Jhoanna's ultimate dream is to become a broadcast journalist. She is considered as the group's happy pill who uplifts the group and sees the positive in every situation.




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Full name: Sheena Mae Catacutan
Age: 16 
Position: Main Dancer, youngest member aka "Bunso"
Fun fact: Also a former "Pinoy Big Brother" housemate, Sheena has a passion for dancing. She was even part of an all-male dance crew where she was the only girl member. She's also a huge K-Pop fan.

Get your tickets for "BINI: The Launch" here. (https://www.ktx.ph/events/30943/bini-the-launch)

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