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Miss Universe 2020 Andrea Meza explains why she always believed she was going to win

Miss Universe 2020 Andrea Meza reveals what it was like backstage with other candidates

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5/24/2021 in News
Miss Universe 2020 Andrea Meza explains why she always believed she was going to win

What does one think when announced as the new Miss Universe? That is something only a prestigious list of women can answer and their stories never cease to amaze us.

Miss Universe 2020 Andrea Meza from Mexico had a chat with ABS-CBN’s Dyan Castillejo and talked about what was going through her mind the moment she was crowned in Florida, USA just last week.

“When we were at the Top 2, I think I had a mix of emotions. I don’t really remember exactly what I was feeling. I was just super excited and the crowd was crazy. I could hear all the Mexican people in the audience screaming, waving the Mexican flag and that was so much amazing to me,” Andrea shared.

The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel definitely rocked with cheers when host Mario Lopez made the big revelation and the beauty queen was instantly filled with pure joy.

“When Mario screamed Viva Mexico, I was telling everyone this because it was funny that I thought it came from the crowd,” she continued. “I was not expecting this like Viva Mexico so I thought for a second like… it was like a pause and then I couldn’t stop screaming and laughing. I was laughing so much. I knew that my life had changed at that moment.”

Although her win came as a wonderful surprise, Andrea somehow knew she was going to win for the reason that she believed in herself.

“I arrived in the competition believing I was a winner, because if I don’t believe it, no one else is going to believe me. And I know the power of our thoughts that’s why I always saw myself as the winner. But I knew that if something else happened, that’s because the universe has something else for me,” she explained.

Having strong faith in herself pushed Andrea bring out the real her into the pageant and that’s what made it a fun experience for her.

“I was always myself 24/7. I have never tried to pretend to be someone else and that’s something that I told to myself before I ride into the competition. I want to enjoy this moment, I want to enjoy every single part of the competition and be myself and let them see who I really am.” She added, “Because I was trying to perfect and I was trying to fit in this mold, I was not being myself. Therefore, I was not enjoying the moment.”

Debunking the idea of beauty queens being catty against one another, Andrea proudly told Dyan that the delegates from all over the world were nothing but warm and helpful.

She stated, “It was super friendly. Everyone seemed so mature that everyone really wanted to be there and I think it’s a very important thing because everyone was so focused, but at the same time, it was super friendly. And we were helping each one. If you needed something like I can lend you my makeup or my dress. One of the girls lost her luggage traveling to the competition and everyone was like ‘If you need a dress, you can wear it. There’s no problem.’”

Andrea also had some nice words about the Philippines’ very own Rabiya Mateo: “She’s a gorgeous lady and she was always on point. Like she was always perfect hair, perfect outfit, and I think she was a great representative of your country.”

Watch her full interview here!

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