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Michael Cinco fires back at Miss Universe Canada team after being 'used' and 'scammed'

Miss Universe Canada 2020 Nova Stevens hopes for both parties to stop fighting and for issues to be settled privately

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/24/2021 in News
Michael Cinco fires back at Miss Universe Canada team after being 'used' and 'scammed'

Michael Cinco shut down once and for all the allegations thrown at him by MGmode Communications, the team behind Miss Universe Canada 2020 Nova Stevens.

In a lengthy Facebook post he made last Saturday, May 22, the renowned fashion designer shared a screenshot of the publicist's comment about him where they mentioned the "terrible mistake" he made of sending the gown "late," and that "none of them fitted" Nova.

"I don’t normally respond to unnecessary social media rants or any negative criticisms about my work but this one caught my ire as it seems to put uncalled for blame on my team week after Miss Universe. The audacity of truth to be told when it is bereft of it,” he began.

Michael then called out the whole Miss Canada team for spreading fake news about him and that he couldn't let this one slide.

“Miguel Martinez, Denis Martin Davila, and Miss Canada Organization and your ungrateful Miss Canada Nova Stevens. You have been spreading fake news about me and my team being unprofessional days before the pageant but I chose to be quiet and calm. But this time, I need to stand up for me and my team, as it is just so unfair!” he stressed.

“This time, I strongly take offense as it involves my team and my credibility. Not to mention, the eventual realization that I have been used and scammed by these low lives pseudo glam team,” he added.



The designer then one by one addressed the allegations from MGMode's comment.

“Firstly, the gowns arrived on time. Or how could you have sent me photos and videos of her wearing them, showing how the gowns perfectly fitted her, days before each event. You even posted a video of Nova in her last fitting and she was happy.”

“Secondly, the insinuation that my team was trying to sabotage her win, is just absurd.”

Michael even pointed out that he personally hired a team of world-class photographers and filmmakers just to give their candidate extra publicity and that "everything in that shoot" was paid by the designer himself.

Thirdly, Michael emphasized how the other Miss Universe candidates he catered for are all grateful, except for Nova.

"For Nova and your team, not only have I not got a curt thank you but even seemed so upset with me for being eliminated in the pageant. Am I the judge?”

“Stop blaming me for Nova’s not making it to the Top 21 in Miss Universe. In fact, she did not wear my gown to the prelims as you were earlier posting that she will wear another gown. And now you’re telling me that her prelims gown killed her to advance to the finals. Am I to be blamed for that?” he pressed.



And last but not the least, Michael revealed that this isn't the first time he had experienced this from their team.

“Lastly, here is the real truth to be told. You and your team have been using me and taking advantage of my kindness for the past three consecutive years to dress up for your candidates without paying me any cents."

“A simple thank you note from Nova, you and your team would have sufficed. But you don’t have the grace and decency to do that. You all are ungrateful, vile, and professional users,” he stressed.

Michael ended his post saying, “Next time, don’t ask me or any Filipino designers to dress up your candidates. Ask your Canadian designers to showcase their works [on the] world stage.”

“I don’t need you in my career and dressing up your candidates will not help my business. Stop taking advantage of my kindness and stop scamming Filipino designers.… Shame on you and your whole Canada team,” he added.

Meanwhile, Nova addressed the feud by releasing her own statement yesterday, May 23. In the video, the Miss Universe Canada 2020 candidate said she's really hurt from what is happening between both parties.

Nova then clarified that she is really grateful for Michael's work and help for her team.

“Michael, I have nothing but love and gratitude towards you. You have created the most beautiful gowns I could even think of," she began. "The fact that I was able to work with you is honestly a highlight of my career as Miss Universe Canada. So I just want you to know that - that gratitude would never be diminished no matter what.”



A post shared by NOVA (@thenovastevens)


The 26-year-old beauty queen also addressed the designer's claim that she is "ungrateful" for him and that she expressed her gratitude "publicly and privately."

“I will continue and will always be grateful towards you because you have been nothing but kind to me,” she said.

“Working with Michael Cinco, that’s once-in-a-lifetime. Not everyone gets the opportunity. And I will forever be grateful."

She related, "How can I not be thankful? It just boggles my mind that my gratitude will even be in question."

Nova hopes that both parties would stop fighting and settle things privately.

“I want you guys to stop fighting. I want this to be taken privately. I don’t think you are both deserving of this, it’s not fair for all of your hard work. I don’t want anyone to question your integrity because I stand behind all of you. I think you are all creative individuals," she said.

She ended her video by asking people to not get into the drama anymore and stop the spread of negativity.

“So for all of you online, please don’t get into the drama. It’s not worth it. Let’s not spread more negativity, let’s spread love,” she said.

MGMode has yet to release a statement following the designer and the candidate's posts.

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