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Julia Barretto says boyfriend Gerald Anderson keeps her 'grounded' and 'humbled'

Julia also highlighted how Gerald helped her "become a better person"

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

5/24/2021 in News
Julia Barretto says boyfriend Gerald Anderson keeps her 'grounded' and 'humbled'

Julia Barretto opened up in a rare interview what kind of boyfriend Gerald Anderson is behind the camera.

In an exclusive interview with Metro.Style, the "Between Maybes" actress talked about the "wonderful man" of her life and how he helped her change her perspective in life.

According to Julia, Gerald has always been a gentleman.

“Anyone you ask would say the same thing. He is by nature a very caring and concerned individual and likes to make everyone feel comfortable and safe. Up to this day, I am proven right. I am well taken care of by this wonderful man,” she said.



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Moreover, she would describe her boyfriend as the "most generous" person she knows and that the actor helps other people "grow."

“He likes to share all his blessings and achievements with the people in his life. He enjoys these more shared and never alone. He puts others and their well-being first," she said.

She related, “Gerald doesn’t force this in others, he leads by example—and that to me, is a gift."

And if there's one thing that people don't know much yet about her beau, is that his humor is really something else.

“Gerald off-cam is a funny guy. I don’t think this is a side of him many know," she revealed. "He has a unique humor that cracks me up all the time."

Above all, Julia is most grateful for the positive influence Gerald has brought to her life.

"I’m not sure he realizes the impact he’s had in my life. Gerald has made all my complicated, simple," she shared."In all situations, he helps put things into proper perspective for me. He has grounded and humbled me as a person."

"I am grateful everyday that I have a partner that looks out for me, fuels me and drives me to become a better person, for everyone and most especially for myself," she maintained.

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