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Jasmine Curtis-Smith shares harrowing story about condo unit

What Jasmine Curtis-Smith discovered in her old condo unit will shock you

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/24/2021 in News
Jasmine Curtis-Smith shares harrowing story about condo unit

What if “Parasite” happened to you?

Jasmine Curtis-Smith took to Instagram to share a shocking story about the condo unit she just moved into and it sounded like the Oscar-winning film manifested in real-life.



A post shared by Jasmine (@jascurtissmith)

The actress began by happily telling her followers that she has finally moved into the unit she bought for herself years ago.

“Moved into my studio unit a week before lock in started,” she wrote. Then she went on to reveal what she discovered after not being able to live in it for a while.

“Story of this unit… purchased this as an investment almost 6-7 years ago. Wasn’t able to utilize it for a year and a half after turnover, because of my lack of knowledge in property handling! I was about to move in after that year and a half, but when I got to the unit, it was LIVED IN,” said Jasmine.

“All the plastic sealing of my sinks, faucets etc were torn and with empty bottles, sachets, and whatnot left behind! They even stole the range and cabinet handles that came with the unit. They changed security and managements a year or two after that incident, so I decided to keep it and not sell anymore,” she continued.

Despite of what happened, the “Baka Bukas” star has managed to make a beautiful space from it and thought of its special use.

She added, “After all, I still am not that knowledgeable with property handling! Plus, thought about how useful this place will be not just for me but for overseas family visiting in the future. Like my mama who likes being near the shops and cafes. Decided to turn it into my quarantine nest/mini studio for work late last year, and after months of dealing w quarantine restrictions... voila! It's ready 😭”

Then Jasmine ended her post by saying, “Holy wow, I am adulting hard at 27.”

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