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Donny and Belle find their 'fights' in 'He's Into Her' harder than their kilig scenes

Donny: "Mas mahirap mag-away siyempre kasi ayoko naman i-hurt si Belle" 😳🙈

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/21/2021 in News
Donny and Belle find their 'fights' in 'He's Into Her' harder than their kilig scenes

It took two years for "He's Into Her" to finally be released, but it that time definitely gave birth to something good.

During the series' bloggers conference on Thursday, May 20, lead stars Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano said that they found a lifelong friendship with the cast whom they have a good working relationship with.

"Compared po sa first time na nag-shoot kami, there was awkwardness, not just with Donny and I, but with the whole cast. Eventually, after being with them for quite a time, naging close kami," Belle said. "Feeling ko mas nag-grow 'yung relationship ng lahat."

Agreeing with the actress, Donny said that the lock-in taping helped them to get closer with one another.

"Hindi na mawawala 'yung friendship na nabuo dito. Pamilya na talaga," Donny said of the cast's friendship. "When you’re spending so much time together, when you’re locked in, it becomes less like work. Parang kasama mo lang pamilya mo. We all enjoyed. We really got close. Of course si Belle mas naging mas close kami. I would say it’s (the friendship) very genuine."

While working with the cast feels like a breeze to them, Donny and Belle admitted that it's their scenes together that they had a hard time doing.

When asked whether it's more difficult to do their "fights" or their kilig scenes, Donny said, "They're very different, eh. Mas mahirap mag-away siyempre kasi ayoko naman i-hurt 'yan [si Belle]. Pero may mga scenes talaga na ang sama rin minsan."

Belle also agreed with Donny, explaining how their clashes are harder than the kilig parts. There was even one instance where she got carried away with her anger that she brought the emotions in real life.

"There was this scene na parang magkaaway kami and after nung scene nadala ko 'yung emotion. And Donny was trying to say na okay na, ganun. But then nadala ako masyado, hindi ako makawala sa character ko na galit lang ako the whole time. Mahirap talaga yung scene na magkaaway," she said.

Seeing Belle's dedication as an actress, Donny said that it's something that he really likes the most about her.

"She's very determined in her craft, very hardworking, and very supportive," he said of his leading lady.

Catch "He's Into Her" this May 28 on iWantTFC! It will also start airing on May 30 on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z Channel 11, and TFC.

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