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Celebrity zodiac: 17 celebrities who are Gemini

Jodi, Yam, Belle, Rufa Mae + more celebs who embody Gemini traits!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/21/2021 in News
Celebrity zodiac: 17 celebrities who are Gemini

It’s officially Gemini season! And being represented by the twins in the zodiac, you can definitely expect things to be quite... interesting this season.

Born between May 21 to June 20, Geminis are air signs who are generally known to be playful and curious. They almost never run out of energy, and can juggle a lot of things — from career to passion to friends — and still have the same energy that can keep their circle entertained 24/7.

When in love, Geminis can be both adventurous and indecisive: meaning, they are down to try anything and everything with their partner, but they can also change their minds in a snap — so be warned before falling in love with one!

Below are some of the celebrities who were born during Gemini season. Check them out and see who among them you might share the same birthday with:

Yam Concepcion (May 27)



Cherry Pie Picache (May 27)



Coney Reyes (May 27)



A post shared by Coney Reyes (@coneyreyes)


Beauty Gonzalez (May 28)



Rufa Mae Quinto (May 28)



Desiree Del Valle (May 28)



Zsazsa Padilla (May 28)



Morissette Amon (June 2)



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Kiko Estrada (June 4)



Jerome Ponce (June 4)



Baron Geisler (June 5)



Belle Mariano (June 10)



Jodi Sta. Maria (June 16)



Jameson Blake (June 17)



Camille Prats (June 20)



Maricar Reyes (June 20)



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