9 celebrities who stan BTS

These showbiz big names are huge fans too!

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5/21/2021 in News
9 celebrities who stan BTS

BTS really went from a low-key K-Pop boyband to global superstars and so there's no wonder that huge celebrities are some of their biggest fans too.

Below are some of the Kapamilya stars among their sea of ARMYs who have confessed their love to the 7-member group:

Liza Soberano

Liza might look like the shy and low-key type, but when she fangirls, she fangirls HARD. The "Make It With You" actress even flew to South Korea once just to see the group in concert, and she also has a vlog dedicated to reacting to one of their smash hits "Dynamite."

Arci Munoz



If it still ain't obvious: yes, Arci, is a HUUUGEEEE BTS fan. She's got a massive merch collection, from pillows to jackets to limited edition dolls, and she even has a BTS-inspired tattoo inked on her. 

And if that still doesn't sound like a fan to you, she even bought land which she named after her BTS bias Park Jimin.

Vice Ganda

Vice might be one of the newest members of the fandom as he recently expressed his admiration to the group. In a series of tweets, Vice said how BTS is his new source of happiness and that he's happy how the ARMYs warmly welcomed him to their fandom.

The comedian-host even confessed in one of the "It's Showtime" episodes how he almost did not go to work because of his obsession with the group. LOL!

Lea Salonga



Yup, BTS' charm isn't just for teens and young adults, and 50-year-old Lea is proof of it. The Broadway Icon has always been open about how she admires the group with their "work ethic, perseverance, persistence, drive, and ambition," and that their music even saved her mental health.

Kris Aquino

Kris started being a BTS fan after their American Music Awards performance in 2017. Since then, the Queen of All Media also started buying their albums, watching their videos on Youtube, and even picking her own bias (It's RM, in case you didn't know!) and yes, as they say, the rest is history.

Darren Espanto

We know Darren, of course, for his charming voice, but there are times he makes an exception and shows his love for dancing — just like how he did a cover of BTS' "Dynamite"!

In an interview with MTV Asia, the young singer also professed his love for BTS and is admittedly is a fan of their in-sync performances and their overall productions.

Inigo Pascual

We first learned that Inigo is a BTS fan when he did a reaction video to BTS' "Idol" back in 2018. Fast forward to 2021, he's still a big fan who even confessed his love for the group in his recent online K-Pop show guesting with Ben&Ben.


Being a performer like them, Vivoree said that BTS is more than just her idol, but they also serve as her inspiration when she writes new music. She's also got an amazing album collection, with some of it being given by her fans who know how much of an ARMY she is!

AC Bonifacio



We all know how much AC is a fan of many K-Pop groups, and BTS is definitely among them. She's got no bias because she stans the whole group, and she loves making dance covers of their hit songs!

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