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Vice Ganda cuts Ion’s long hair as ‘punishment’

Lesson learned: Don’t ignore Vice Ganda!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/14/2021 in News
Vice Ganda cuts Ion’s long hair as ‘punishment’

Vice Ganda did what he had to do to get boyfriend Ion Perez’s attention.

On his latest vlog, he expressed how he sometimes feels ignored by Ion whenever he spends too much time playing video games.

“Itong si Ion, lately may kinakaadikang laro sa cellphone. Tapos ‘pag naglalaro siya, ‘di mo siya maabala. Chichikahin ka lang niya sandali, pero ‘yun na ‘yon. Masyado na siyang subsob sa telepono niya. So ngayon, aabalahin natin siya. Tignan natin kung papansinin niya ‘ko o pagpapalit niya ‘ko dun sa nilalaro niya sa telepono. Tignan natin kung ma-imbyerna,” said Vice before walking up to Ion, who’s in the living room glued to the screen of his phone and in the middle of a game.

The Unkabogable star tried sweet-talking his way into making Ion hang out with him instead. Vice suggested doing the “Can’t Say No” and the “Who’s Most Likely To” challenges for the vlog, but got turned down as Ion thought they have been done way too many times by other vloggers before.

When asking politely didn’t work, Vice went for the more extreme route. He got a pair of scissors and tried Ion again.

He sat next to him and said, “Ang kapal ng hair mo, babe.”

And Ion replied, “Inggit ka lang, eh.”

The look on Vice’s face said that was the last straw. “Ah, talaga?!” so then he grabbed a chunk of Ion’s hair and chopped it.

Vice cut and cut until Ion was left with full straight bangs à la “Dora The Explorer”, as Vice said.

Fortunately, Ion was a good sport and gave Vice a cute back-hug after teasing each other. And Vice told him, “Kahit ano ‘yung hair mo, you’re still the most pogi.”

Our ViceIon heart is fed! ❤

Watch Ion’s “haircut reveal” here!

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