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22 celebrities who are COVID-19 survivors

These celebs bravely shared their journey to recovery as COVID-19 survivors

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/13/2021 in News
22 celebrities who are COVID-19 survivors

More than a year into the pandemic, the list of celebrities who have caught the novel coronavirus just keep on growing.

Some were fortunate to have felt little to no symptoms, while others had it worse. Anyone is clearly susceptible to the virus, and this just proves how we should always be careful.

Here's a list of all the prominent faces who have tested positive for the virus and are now COVID-19 survivors:

Sylvia Sanchez

Sylvia Sanchez and her husband Arturo Atayde shared that they tested positive for COVID-19 in March last year where it took them exactly one month and nine days before officially recovering from the virus.

According to the actress, she and her husband had to be rushed to the hospital due to chills, cough, and shortness of breath.





Michael V.

The comedian-director revealed through a vlog in July last year about his COVID-19 experience which started with flu-like symptoms such as cold and fever. He then lost his sense of smell and could not even taste his food properly.

By the first week of August, Bitoy gave an update saying that he was already nine days straight of not showing any COVID-19 symptoms while in isolation.

Kakai Bautista

Kakai tested positive for the virus in August last year although she remained asymptomatic. She still went in isolation as part of the safety protocols and tested negative on the 14th day.



Carmi Martin

It was in September last year that Carmi found out that she tested positive for the virus during the mandatory swab test for work. The actress said she was asymptomatic and followed the two-week quarantine protocol until she finally got her negative result.


Last September13, I went to Philippine Red Cross for a swab test that was a requirement for a digital series under...

Posted by Carmi Martin on Sunday, September 27, 2020


Enzo Pineda

Enzo revealed he was a COVID-19 survivor in September last year after being treated in the hospital with his father, 1-Pacman party-list Rep. Enrico Pineda, who also tested positive for the virus.



Alex Gonzaga

The vlogger-host shook her followers in October last year when she uploaded her "COVID journey" vlog, where she documented her COVID-19 experience — from the day she and her parents tested positive, up to when they have finally recovered from the virus.

Among the symptoms Alex experienced were loss of taste and appetite, slight fever, sore throat, clogged nose, and feeling weak.

Cherry Pie Picache

Cherry Pie shared through an Instagram post last March 25 that she has survived both COVID-19 and pneumonia after battling with it for three weeks.



Rhian Ramos

Rhian tested positive for COVID-19 in late March, and immediately went into quarantine with her road manager who was also positive. After finishing their two-week quarantine, the "Fallback" actress happily shared that she is already free from the virus.



A post shared by Rhian Ramos (@whianwamos)


Dennis Padilla

The comedian revealed he had COVID-19 around March and that he had been hospitalized for two weeks. In a radio guesting last April, he said that he drew strength from his children who would always call him while he was confined.





Ted Failon

The broadcast journalist said through a statement last March 30 that he tested positive for the virus although he was asymptomatic. He then immediately went on self-isolation as part of the protocol.


Positibo sa Covid 19 si Sir Ted Failon. Asymptomatic po siya at maayos ang kalagayan. Lahat ng nakasalamuha niya, kasama...

Posted by DJ Chacha (Ang Nag-iisang Dyosa sa Balat ng Radyo) on Monday, March 29, 2021


Angeline Quinto

In early April, the singer uploaded her "COVID-19 journey" vlog where she announced that she tested positive for the virus. Angeline then gave an update two weeks later, where she showed her last seven days of being in quarantine and had finally recovered.

Gab Valenciano

Gab tested positive for COVID-19 in November last year although he chose to keep it for "very personal reasons." He then shared in an Instagram post last April that he donated his plasma as a COVID-19 survivor to help save lives.



Raymond Bagatsing

Raymond revealed that he tested positive for the coronavirus upon his recovery as seen in an Instagram post last April 23. The award-winning actor said he didn't feel any symptoms at all, apart from the wheezing on his lungs.



Angeli Pangilinan

Gary Valenciano shared on Instagram last April that his wife Angeli is finally free from COVID-19 after testing positive last March. Although Gary tested negative from the virus, he also went into quarantine for safety.







Rica Peralejo

Rica shared through one of her vlogs that she and her husband have recently recovered from the virus. In the video, the actress detailed what they went through, from having "manageable" symptoms up to when they felt the worst such as extreme body pains, fatigue, and shortness of breath.

Heaven Peralejo

Heaven was the first among the "Bagong Umaga" cast who tested positive from the virus to share about her COVID-19 experience. Through a two-part vlog, Heaven detailed her journey from when she discovered she was positive up to when she is officially COVID-free.

Sunshine Cruz

A few days after Heaven confirmed she was positive, Sunshine revealed that she is also positive for the virus and is on her 20th day of isolation. Prior to the confirmation, Sunshine said that she had been feeling symptoms such as headache, body pains, and cough.



Nikki Valdez

Nikki was the next to have revealed she contracted the virus from the "Bagong Umaga" cast. The actress said that her husband also tested positive and they both immediately went into isolation after learning about their result.

Nikki said that she had body aches, flu-like feeling, and some mild dry cough during her journey.



Tony Labrusca, Barbie Imperial, and Keempee De Leon

Tony revealed through a virtual press conference last month that he and his fellow cast members Heaven, Barbie, Sunshine, Nikki, and Keempee, caught the virus in the middle of their lock-in shoot for the series.

For his personal experience, Tony said that he only experienced fever and cough while in quarantine. Now, all of them are COVID-19 survivors and even went back to work after fulfilling the mandatory protocols.

Tony Labrusca says he and 'Bagong Umaga' co-stars caught COVID-19 virus

Bernadette Sembrano

The "TV Patrol" anchor revealed in an Instagram post last April 22 that she tested positive for COVID-19 upon finding out through the mandatory RT-PCR test at work.

After more than a week in quarantine, Bernadette said that she has already recovered from the virus on May 1, and has since then returned to "TV Patrol."





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