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Coleen Garcia reveals dealing with 'postpartum anxiety'

"There were so many moments when I just felt like a failure or at the very least, I could be doing so much better."

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

5/12/2021 in News
Coleen Garcia reveals dealing with 'postpartum anxiety'

Months after she gave birth to son Amari, Coleen Garcia opened up about the emotional turmoil that postpartum brought her.

In her recent vlog, the actress-host got candid about her journey as a first-time mom which we don't often see on social media.

“There were so many moments when I just felt like a failure or at the very least, I could be doing so much better,” she admitted in the video.

While Coleen experienced sleep deprivation, hormonal changes, and simply being overwhelmed with the whole process, she believes she did not experience postpartum depression but rather "postpartum anxiety."

"I wouldn’t say I had postpartum depression. But there is something that nobody ever talked to me about. I only realized what it was in one of my mom groups when somebody opened up about it. And this was way after I gave birth, and that is postpartum anxiety,” she said.

Coleen said that she already had anxiety prior to her pregnancy, but it came back after she gave birth.

“I would say I had a pretty chill pregnancy, so I stopped thinking about things that worried me. But it’s different ‘pag nandyan na talaga ‘yung baby and I am a worry wart. So that has been my struggle," she said.

“I would just get so nervous, so stressed, so anxious over nothing, and it would get me so drained — physically drained,” she described her experience. “Ang dami kong iniisip na parang ang napakaimposible namang mangyari."

Adding to the stress was how she felt sad that her immediate family wasn't able to witness her son's early years due to the pandemic.

“Amari is growing up so fast and my own family can’t even be there with him as he grows up. He hasn’t met many of his titos, his tita. It’s just really not how I envisioned things would be but then again, we’re all going through this to some degree,” she said.

The actress also assured her fellow mothers who are experiencing the same thing that it is something they shouldn't be ashamed to talk about.

“I’m glad that nowadays people acknowledge it, and that people talk about it, and that people don’t judge others who go through it. It’s really so normal and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you if you’re going through this,” she said.

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