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WATCH: Julia Barretto shares a peek of her minimalist home office

We totally understand why it's her favorite part of her house!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

5/11/2021 in News
WATCH: Julia Barretto shares a peek of her minimalist home office

We've only seen parts of Julia Barretto's house through her Instagram photos, and now, she's giving us a glimpse of it little by little.

In her latest vlog, the actress showed us a glimpse of her home office which is located on the third floor of her house. According to Julia, she initially planned to turn it into an entertainment area until the pandemic happened.

"Initially, when we were building the house, we made this my entertainment area or my theater room because I love having guests over, my friends over. We like to watch movies, have a glass of wine, [and] chat. Just a few months after my house was done, the pandemic came along, and making use of the theater room was put on hold," she revealed.

Julia then realized how her work mostly involved Zoom meetings since the pandemic started, hence, she converted the entire floor to her very own home office.

"I didn't want to do my work in my room because then I'd be lazy, too comfortable. I didn't want to do my work also in the dining so much because I felt like it was a place still to eat or have a conversation with whoever I was having a meal with. So, I decided to transform this entire third floor into a home office, and since then, I've been working so peacefully," she explained.

As seen in the video, Julia's minimalist office included a huge desk where she does her work, a mini wine cellar, and a shelf where she has photos of her loved ones on display, including her boyfriend Gerald Anderson.

“This one is my favorite place currently in my entire house and it brings me so much joy and so much creativity and so much focus,” she said.

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