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Sam Pinto and Anthony Semerad are having a baby girl!

Sam Pinto immediately got scared after finding out she’s pregnant and here’s why

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/10/2021 in News
Sam Pinto and Anthony Semerad are having a baby girl!

Days after announcing that they are pregnant, Sam Pinto and Anthony Semerad revealed that they are having a baby girl!

The couple shared it on Sam’s vlog last Saturday, May 8, and talked about their reaction when they first found out they’re becoming parents soon.

Sam admitted that she felt a roller coaster of emotions. She was glad, surprised, and scared all at the same time.


“Ako, super mixed emotions kasi after the wedding, we were planning to have a baby maybe two years later pa because we want to enjoy. Happy and scared at the same time,” she explained.

Then after taking three pregnancy tests, she broke the news to her mom, in tears.

“When I took the pregnancy test, I had to take it siguro mga three times. And then I was super crying, because again nga, mixed emotions. Your life is going to change kasi. I called my mom, crying. I never call my mom. Super sometimes lang, video call pa. We are not that type of family na we talk all the time because I see them all the time,” said Sam.

She continued, “So when I call, a video call, sometimes it’s like, ‘Why is she calling?’ Pinakita ko yung tatlong pregnancy tests and they were all positive. She was so happy. I was so scared. I had no idea what she would say or how she would react. But she was so happy.”

They will be naming their daughter Mia Aya Semerad and Anthony explained the special meaning behind it.

He said, “Because we really love the ocean, Mia [means] queen of the ocean so it’s the perfect name. Aya is a very lucky name.”

Mia Aya is due to arrived in August and we just can’t wait to meet her!

Sam and Anthony dated for three years before getting engaged last November. They tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in March.

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