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Kathryn Bernardo reveals what she does on her days off

This is how Kathryn Bernardo is fulfilling her resolution for 2021!

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5/10/2021 in News
Kathryn Bernardo reveals what she does on her days off

Today’s the day we finally get to stop wondering what goes on in the life of Kathryn Bernardo during her free days.

For the latest episode of her vlog “Everyday Kath”, the Kapamilya star showed us a sneak peek of what she likes to do when she’s not busy with work and we learned that she’s a girl that likes to be ready for everything.

“For today’s episode, I wanted to show what I usually do during free days. Like today, it’s my free day, so I decided to badminton training, you’ll see more of that in a bit. I’ll show what I usually bring with me, what’s inside my bag, before I go to training. Basically, how I prepare myself before and extra demanding day,” she explained on the intro.

The actress started off her day by making her own celery juice after getting up and doing her morning routine.

Then she took a shower and got ready to meet with her beau Daniel Padilla, Joe Vargas, and his girlfriend Bianca Pauline for badminton training.

But before heading to the court, Kathryn did a “What’s In My Bag?” badminton training edition and shared her collection of her rackets including ones from Daniel and her sister Kaye.

She also brings a set of extra clothes, shoes, and of course, every kind of disinfectant you could imagine just to be “extra, extra safe”.

At the training, Kathryn and Daniel did warm-up drills and practiced their skills, like using the different kinds of rackets and teamwork for doubles. And we have to say, KathNiel isn’t only a perfect match on screen, but they are on the court as well!

“Usually gano’n kami for training. We go here and then maybe one to one and a half hours of training with Coach Kennie. We’re very happy now, because, finally, we can go back to training safely. Basically, gano’n lang ‘yung day ko,” she said later in the vlog.

Kathryn added, “Isa ‘yun sa mga resolutions ko this year. I wanna learn a new sport and that is badminton. I really enjoy doing it.”

Watch her full vlog here:

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