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Janella Salvador ‘needs more time’ before comeback

“Very chill” baby Jude makes Janella Salvador’s quiet time better.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/8/2021 in News
Janella Salvador ‘needs more time’ before comeback

It will not be easy for new mother Janella Salvador to juggle work and family life, especially during the pandemic. When she first arrived in the United Kingdom with Markus Paterson, she was excited to go back to the Philippines to work.

"But when I was here na, I realized that it’s so hard pala to settle down when you’re coming from a different country and have a baby. I really need more time to settle down," she said during an interview on Skypodcast with Slater and Kryz on April 6.

The celebrity couple and their baby came back to the Philippines in February.

She added that tapings are locked in because of COVID-19, so she has to find someone she can trust to watch baby Jude while she's away for weeks at a time.

"I have to leave him for about three weeks straight. I can't see him so I have to make sure I can leave him with someone I can trust...It's really hard just thinking about it," Janella said.

Baby Jude has become her constant companion, and she is enjoying her time with her family more because of him, the "Bloody Crayons" actress shared.

"Even before I had Jude, I'm such a lola. I'm an introvert...I stay home, I enjoy my quiet time so when Jude came, I'm like, okay, I have someone else to spend my quiet time with," Janella said.

"It didn’t really affect me like some people say na, 'You lost your younger years, you can’t really explore anymore,' and stuff."

In an Instagram post in March, she had also posted that while she is excited to work, she is enjoying “every bit of being a hands-on mum.”

Contrary to what "some people" think, that she might miss out on life by having a baby in her early 20s, actress Janella Salvador said it is actually a dream come true.

"I'm fine, I'm happy. I've always dreamed about being a mom. I don't know if it's weird but it's really one of my dreams," she said.

Things have gotten "more chill" compared to the days before she left for the United Kingdom to deliver baby Jude, Janella said.

"At my age it was kind of scary [to have a baby]. I had to think about so many things. I had to tell everyone. It’s not easy especially at my age because there’s a lot of criticism, harsh criticism. I didn’t want to stress. I needed the peace and quiet to have a happy pregnancy," she shared.

"We wanted to enjoy it as a family, keep it private muna. We weren’t gonna hide him forever obviously, I don’t think anyone can do that. We just wanted to enjoy those little moments. The calm before the storm."

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