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10 more housemates who were force evicted in 'Pinoy Big Brother'

From failing their assigned tasks to underlying health conditions, these "PBB" alums were left with no choice but to be forcibly evicted.

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

4/8/2021 in News
10 more housemates who were force evicted in 'Pinoy Big Brother'

As much as the "Pinoy Big Brother" winners made a mark with viewers, several housemates also became unforgettable due to their forced eviction.

Here, we listed down 10 more housemates who were force evicted by Big Brother during their stay due to various reasons. You can read the first part of this series, featuring Baron Geisler, Maricris Dizon, Banjo Dangalan, and more, here:

9 housemates who were force evicted in 'Pinoy Big Brother'

Scroll through to see who these housemates were and the story behind their eviction:

1. Bob dela Cruz from Season 1

Apart from Franzen Fajardo, another housemate who was forcibly evicted from the first season was Bob Dela Cruz. He failed to return after spending more than 24 hours outside Kuya's house due to a heart ailment.

It can be remembered that among the rules is that a housemate would be forcibly evicted if they failed to return within the 24 hours time frame if they have to temporarily go out due to special circumstances.

2. Yhel Punzalan from "Double Up"

Yhel Punzalan was force evicted from the house after discussing the nomination process with fellow housemates outside the confession room — which is a serious offense according to the rulebook.

3. Toffi and Kenny Santos from "Double Up"

Twins Toffi and Kenny Santos entered Kuya's house where they have to fulfill the task of not letting the housemates know that they are pretending to be the same person. However, the two failed the test which led them to be force evicted.

4. Deniesse Joaquin from "Unlimited"

Deniesse Joaquin committed a number of violations during her stay, including whispering and asking questions about the outside world.

5. Reg Pineda from "Unlimited"

Reg was imposed with force eviction because of two violations: first, he repeatedly forgot to use his lapel microphone, and second, he told the housemates what he had seen on TV before he entered Kuya's house. 6. Mark Luz from "Unlimited"

Mark was automatically nominated during the week that he was force evicted due to violations including using hand signals and whispering, on top of being involved with Reg's eviction (he listened to his stories).

7. Bam Romana from "Teen Edition 1"

Dimples Romana's younger brother Bam was force evicted after committing a series of violations — from talking without a lapel microphone to writing using pen and paper to using hand signals, and whispering among others.

8. Jenny Kim of "Teen Clash of 2010"

The teenternational housemate had to be force evicted when the housemates failed to pick her over another housemate Fretzie Bercede who were both abducted and sent into a secret room in the house.

9. Mich Dulce from "Celebrity Edition 1"

The fashion designer was imposed with a force eviction after opting not to return inside Kuya's house when she suffered from asthma brought by anxiety attacks during her stay.

10. Emjay Savilla from "Otso"

Emjay was diagnosed with a severe urinary tract infection while he was inside Kuya's house, leaving him to undergo four check-ups outside the house. However, Big Brother decided to forcibly evict him so that he gets treatment in the hospital.

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