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HAPPY FAMILY: Amari the dog photobombs Julia, Gerald

Cutest photobomber ever!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/8/2021 in News
HAPPY FAMILY: Amari the dog photobombs Julia, Gerald

Julia Barreto's adorable St. Bernard, Amari, seems to have a knack for photobombing.

In an Instagram post Wednesday, April 7, Julia is seen smiling in a selfie with her boyfriend Gerald Anderson while Amari sneaks in the shot.

"Typical amari 😆," the Kapamilya actress said.



The “I Love You, Hater” star got Amari the St. Bernard, her "new baby," in January this year, when her romance with Gerald had not been confirmed.

The first photo of Amari that Julia posted on Instagram sparked rumors of her then-secret relationship because the picture included what people thought was the arm of Gerald.

Theories saying Julia and Gerald are the pet parents of Amari when fans noticed that the Kapamilya stars were following a dedicated Instagram of the dog.

Julia and Gerald's relationship became public only last month.

Since then, the couple has been posting photos of them together publicly.

But this is the first time they posted a picture of them with their baby dog.

Amari’s Instagram has now 3,965 followers.



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