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Sanaol! Vice Ganda learns to ride a scooter under 'coach' Ion

Vice and Ion are just too adorable together!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/7/2021 in News
Sanaol! Vice Ganda learns to ride a scooter under 'coach' Ion

A bored Vice Ganda egged on his boyfriend Ion Perez to teach him how to ride a scooter.

In his latest vlog, the "It's Showtime" host shared he initially wanted to buy a Vespa Scooter even though he does not know how to ride one.

However, Ion told him to learn riding an electric scooter first before proceeding with the purchase.

During the quarantine, Vice has been busy with “It's Showtime” and vlogging, recently doing pranks with his celebrity friends.

But the “Praybeyt Benjamin” star’s boredom during an off day prompted him to learn to ride a scooter with the love of his life.

In the middle of a hot and boring afternoon, while Ion was relaxing, Vice used his charms to convince his partner to coach him.

Good thing Ion was more than ready for his partner's "lambing" request.

"Sige pinaghandaan ko na yan dati pa," said Ion who revealed that he even bought Vice some safety gear.

"Scooter Coach" Ion first tried to teach Vice inside their home despite the risk of bumping into their stuff.

At first, Vice struggled to learn how to operate the electric scooter but quickly picked up after Ion's perseverance.

The couple soon had to go out to their yard so Vice can learn how to make a turn.

"Hangga't hindi mo nape-perfect yung pag-ikot dun, di tayo titigil dito kahit abutin tayo ng gabi," Vice's "strict scooter coach" jokingly said.

Vice had some near falls, but Ion was quick to pick him up.

But the Unkabogable star was a quick learner eventually earning the approval of his lover-coach, Ion.

The couple ended the coaching session in a sweet exchange of I love you’s and a tight hug. But are Vice scooter skills enough to convince Ion to buy a Vespa?

Watch the vlog here:



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