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Love, rebirth, renewals: The meaning behind the iconic 'Seven Sundays' dance-off

"Love makes rebirths and renewals possible."

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/7/2021 in News
Love, rebirth, renewals: The meaning behind the iconic 'Seven Sundays' dance-off

"Seven Sundays," a film about siblings reuniting at their childhood home for their dying father, debuted nearly four years ago.

Fans remember the movie not only for the touching story but also the iconic dance-off scene between the Bonifacio siblings and Ryan Bang's character, Mr. Kim.

On the surface, the scene looks like it's just for comic relief, but the film's writer Vanessa Valdez revealed that there's more to this than just laughter.

In a lengthy Instagram post on Easter Sunday, Vanessa said the dancing at the relaunch of their store just like the good 'ol days symbolizes their "reenergized bond and re-commitment to each other."

The dance-off between Mr. Kim and the Bonifacio brothers occurred because their family-owned store was threatened by the opening of a new Korean supermarket.

"This time, though, they would be dancing with their offspring, indicating stronger intergenerational family ties with the passing down of a family tradition," she said.

The “warmth, generosity, and joy” of the Bonifacio family also contrasts the "greed & selfishness" of Mr. Kim, the “Seven Sundays” writer added.

The Bonifacio siblings were played by Aga Muhlach (Allan), Dingdong Dantes (Brian), Cristine Reyes (Cha), and Enrique Gil (Dex). Their father was played by Ronaldo Valdez (Manuel).

"I knew that we had to show them dancing at some point in 'Seven Sundays'. Since all three of them are known for being very good dancers. It would be such a treat for their fans," Valdez said.

The writer, meanwhile, revealed that they only got lucky to get Ryan Bang for the "Mr. Kim" role since the "It's Showtime" host was so busy at that time.

They initially cast Jeffrey Tam as "Mr. Kim" because of Ryan's busy schedule. But in the middle of filming, Jeffrey had some schedule issues and Ryan's schedule suddenly opened up.

"We rewrote the scene to explain why there was a different Mr. Kim (they’re brothers, with Ryan claiming to be the more handsome one) challenging the Bonifacios to a dance-off," she shared.

Overall, Vanessa believes the casting was a win-win, especially for the fans of the actors of “Seven Sundays.”

"It was also a win for the audience as the celebratory mood offered relief after all the tears shed. The merriment was also a reassurance that love makes rebirths & renewals possible," she said.

"That’s the same promise of Easter — that love, given & received, rebuilds and refreshes souls," she added as she greeted everyone a happy Easter.

Watch the Instagram video here:



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