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Roxanne Barcelo, husband expecting baby boy

Roxanne Barcelo has a cute little message for her baby boy!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/7/2021 in News
Roxanne Barcelo, husband expecting baby boy

Roxanne Barcelo happily announced on her vlog that she and her husband are having a baby boy!

They made the reveal in a Q&A by showing a blue stuffed toy, which was given to her by her brother-in-law.

“My brother-in-law and his fiancée sent us this adorable blue elephant and they also sent a beautiful card when we showed them the ultrasound shots. It said, ‘baby boy.’ We are having a beautiful boy,” shared Roxanne.

The actress also flaunted her baby bump on recent Instagram posts, where she lovingly called her hubby “Big Papa Panda”.



“So hard to not giggle, I thought my husband was just taking photos...🐼 Big Papa Panda and his Celtic playlist in the background,” she wrote.

She followed with a photo showing how big her belly has grown and expressed how excited they are to meet their first child.

Roxanne said, “Feeling all your kicks, punches, hiccups, rolling, and grindin' all over my ribs and bladder make us so excited to meet you. Little Mama and Big Papa love you so much!”



In March 2020, Roxanne admitted that she’s romantically involved with a non-showbiz man. They got married by December and just last January, she announced that she’s pregnant.

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