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WATCH: Ellie's 'last day' in Siargao before Manila vacation

Fans gush over Andi Eigenmann’s “genuine,” “beautiful” family in new vlog!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/6/2021 in News
WATCH: Ellie's 'last day' in Siargao before Manila vacation

Before traveling to Manila, Andi Eigenmann’s daughter Ellie had a fun day with her siblings Lilo and Koa Alipayo in Siargao.

In the video posted by the “Agua Bendita” actress on YouTube last Monday, April 5, Ellie can be seen swimming in a pool with Lilo while Andi holds Koa. Ellie was also shown teaching her friends her technique for going underwater.

While watching her daughter, Andi revealed that she is Ellie’s swimming teacher. “We’re not yet done. We’re just on a break. Now I’m Lilo’s [swimming teacher] too,” the actress said.

In her vlog posted on the “Happy Islanders” channel, Andi also teased her fiance Philmar Alipayo about his three breakfasts — pancakes, and two rounds of soft tacos.

“Dad bod,” Andi joked over her fiance’s pancakes. Philmar replied that he was “still happy” before calling Lilo over to eat with him.

Viewers were overjoyed by the “genuine” video which they said had “so much love and light.” It included a thank you message from the couple to their fans for helping them reach two million subscribers on YouTube.

“We’re reviewing the video of our last day with Ellie. Obviously nasa Manila na siya ngayon. Now, Happy Easter, kami na lang here but we want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the love,” Andi said.

“Salamat mga karajaw,” Philmar also said as he watched their son Lilo’s antics off-camera.

Watch the full vlog here:



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